Sunday, November 24, 2013


It's a gorgeous sunny day out here in England. And I'm indoors listening to Katy Perry and sipping my apple juice. I was thinking of going out to get groceries but I mean, Tesco delivery is very VERY convenient for the lazy and the fab (me) hahahah ok no

But alas, I'm just going to spend my day watching TV shows I've left off because I was busy this week with uni work.

It's been 2 months now in this foreign land. It's cold and the days are so miserable because it gets dark so early. I was here last winter and I remember I couldn't wait to go home where 7 pm wasn't pitch black. I'm so used to sun back home that I just feel like the weather here is not even trying.


Shopping wise, I've been pretty good. Restrained myself from any shopping. I do the 24 hour test. If I like something, I wait 24 or 48 hours to see if I still like it. And so far, it's working great for me. Although it still saddens me when I leave the store empty handed after being completely invested in that one top/trousers/bag/pair of shoes. I'm saving up for a good cause - my London shopping come Christmas and Boxing Day. Ehmehgerd I can't wait!

I now cook quite a bit because going out is expensive and I'm still keeping myself to 15 pounds per week for food excluding groceries. And I'm pretty ok with cooking although I do find myself being a bit of a one trick pony with my stir fry chicken. I did try breaded chicken and chicken teriyaki the other day and that was nice. Though my curry skills sometimes ada sometimes takde pergi mana tah. I haven't cooked fish yet because I don't know what to cook and how to cook it. I find myself watching Malaysian food recipes. I really really really want to try my hand at cooking butter prawns. It's far-fetched, yes I know but I'm just going to do it and see how far I get before I give up hahaha.

My housemates all left for London and Manchester that one weekend leaving me home alone. And I told my parents about it and I decided to buy tickets for Cardiff. So I spent a weekend in Cardiff which was very nice because they had a match day that Saturday and everyone, boy and girl and man and woman, were walking around proudly donning their Cardiff scarfs and jerseys. It was a nice sight although I felt that most of 'em were quite drunk by the end of the day. The city center reminded me of a little small version of Oxford Street. I absolutely LOVE the Christmas spirit in this country. It's amazing and so heartwarming.

The guys behind Sarah were busking. At probably the most inconvenient place ever. It was in the middle of a pretty empty park. But such a gorgeous place to busk nevertheless. 

Don't know what it means but it looked cool. SO NATURALLY we'd take a photo with it.

This is fake snow. But at the end of the day, we're all still amused young Malaysians. But it's fake snow, guys. Cardiff was warmer than Bristol!  

Sofia paid 20p for nothing because we could only see like..... the sky.  

Omg guys MY WIFI HAS BLOCKED MY STREAMING WEBSITES hwaaaaaaaaaa I was genuinely really upset and really sad because this means no more TV SHOWS I'M SO FRUSTRATED UGH UNITED KINGDOM GET YO SHIT TOGEDER

k luv you UK but i mean c'mon give a girl a break pls

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