Saturday, August 16, 2014

A Night Of Trampolines

So last Monday, all 17 of us went to go see what the huge hype around Jumpstreet was.

Guys, the hype is real.

It's sooooooo much fun! I'm the most unathletic person you will come across in your life and even I found this to be so damn fun! I had the best time jumping around with my friends. We even managed to get a dodgeball court and we all had our own trampolines.

If you're thinking of going, I say to go with a big group of friends because that way you won't be too segan to start jumping ('cause I was) and you can play the dodgeball court and start a massive war hahahaha

I got there late because of the darn traffic so I didn't get to play as long as I'd like but even after just 15 minutes of jumping and running around, I was so out of it! My face went tomato red and I was soooo tired! So if anyone is planning to go for the first time, just go for an hour and see how you like it first.

But really really it's so worth it and I recommend it to everyone!!! You'll sweat about 4 buckets worth so wear something light and won't show your pit stains hahaha

It's open everyday according to the guy I asked and you can check the opening hours here! Really really really really fun and really really really really tiring! Perfect workout without sounding and feeling like one.

Happy jumping!


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