Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Di sini lahirnya sebuah cinta

I have Katy Perry's summer anthem on and it's 1:16 am Tuesday morning. I'll be on the plane in approximately 9 hours, getting ready to take off for UK round #2.

I can't believe it's already been 3 months!

My heart is feeling so heavy to leave home again for 9 months. But if the past 3 months have been any indicator, the next 9 shouldn't be too far away. I've been loving home so much that having to leave on Malaysia Day itself is so sad. But at the same time, I am looking forward to start second year again because this time 'round, we have the whole lot of juniors joining us insyaAllah! Should be a fun and hectic time as it always is with them.

But ultimately, I'm so sad to leave this place :"((( I'm so Malaysian, it's ridiculous! No matter where I may go, I will always have Malaysia close to my heart. My favourite place ever lah, this place. From the food to the familiar rojak language, I grow to love this place more and more. I think being abroad for a long period of time made me appreciate Malaysia more bak kata pepatah orang putih "Absence makes the heart grow fonder".

This summer break, I

  • Went to Penang and Terengganu with friends and went to the beach both times. 
  • Had a splendid Raya Aidilfitri with my even more splendid family. 
  • Ate Mak Tok's cooking for 2 weeks straight and then continued to devour food in all of my favourite places. Yes, that would include home.
  • Watched Germany win the World Cup and stayed awake for most of the good matches. Sometimes alone and sometimes with a very sleepy Iman.
  • Got treated to a Paris x Barcelona trip by Tania hehe she da real mvp for sure 
  • Drove both Papa and Pak Tok's car!!!!! Yay!!
  • Dressed up.
  • Dressed down. 
  • Went to Jumpstreet with 16 others and played dodgeball!
  • Played card games and Cranium with my cousinzzz.
  • Karaoke-d with my sisters!
  • Celebrated Zaim's 20th.
  • Tried new food in Terengganu! Pulut lepa is my new favourite tea time food. Only if they had it in KL!
  • Went on breakfast dates, lunch dates, dinner dates, supper dates with different people. 
  • Laughed my butt off.
  • Cried my heart out.
  • Tried my hand at street style photography with my bestie. 
  • Went to KY twice! Ate at Garden Seafood twice also hihi 
  • Chopped off my hair! 
  • Had a pizza date with my Iman.
  • Had a manicure date with my Tania.
  • Had a heart to heart with my Zaim.
  • Raya-ed with my friends and took endless selfies.
  • Once again, played Speed with Pana..... I won.
  • Learned how to play Taiti. Aced at playing Taiti.
  • Went to a Vintage Fest with Marissa and then had a rather large curry puff and enjoyed live music. Best time!
  • Got obsessed (and I mean, real obsessed) with Running Man. KWANG SOO FOREVER AND EVER
  • Satisfied most, if not all, of my food cravings. 
  • Spent time with all the people I care greatly for. 
May Allah bless my second year in the UK with all things good and may it all be smooth sailing for me. 

I looked forward to home for so long and it definitely lived up to all I had imagined and I'm forever and ever grateful to call this country home. I will definitely miss you and there will definitely be nights where there won't be nothing I won't do to come home even for a night but for the mean time, I have to face reality and be a good student. InsyaAllah!!! 

See you soon Malaysia, God willing! 


  1. Hi, I'm sorry if this is weird but I came across your blog and I was wondering if you could give me an insight to what it's like to live in Bristol as a student? I'm planning to apply next year and any information would be great :)

  2. Hi Sara!

    Bristol is great. Really! I was unsure of it myself at first because I initially wanted to study in London as do most students. But Bristol is really really cool because it's not as hectic as London is but you'll find it's not as boring as other places. Bristol has 2 universities (UoB and UWE) and so it's a very student oriented area, methinks. Food is great, shopping is better and overall, Bristol is just a really good 'student' place. I love it! (and if you DO find Bristol to be boring, London is only 2 hours and a half away by bus hehe).

    So yeah, do come!