Thursday, September 11, 2014

Pulau Pinang

Yesterday, Farhan, Kanda and I went on a spontaneous day trip to Penang. I've not been on a day trip to anywhere because even the thought of it is exhausting. But for me, it's always been "Anything for Penang". I've been going there all my life because my grandparents live there and we always try to go see them and we're always always there for Raya. It's really my favourite place next to my own home. I have always and always will consider it my second home. So, naturally I agreed to the day trip.

We left at 10 after having breakfast at McD. I had the back seat all to myself and I brought along my pillow so I had a good hour worth of sleep. The boys stopped by to buy fruits and for toilet breaks but #21 I really dislike stopping by anywhere when we're on the road. It's probably because I'm so accustomed to sleeping in the backseat that having to leave the car is so annoying. 

It was raining halfway and we arrived at about 2, I think? First stop was Line Clear nasi kandar for lunch. 

As you can see here, we finished everything. It was good and from my 21 years of life, I've not gone out for a nasi kandar experience. Because if you know my grandmother, you know that there's never a reason to leave home for food. And Pak Tok will always bungkus some for home so I really had no reason to go out to eat. Penang was raining then so it was nice and cool throughout the day; usually it'll be boiling! While we were eating, it hit me that this would be my last nasi kandar in a long while because we're all heading back to the UK soon. Hwaaaaaaaaa crying inside :"(

And then we headed back to my grandparents place because the boys wanted to pray and chill. It was raining so there wasn't really anything to do. Pak Tok and Mak Tok had bought so much food for just the three of us because she thought there were more people coming hahaha bless them. I initially didn't even want to tell them of our trip because I knew that this would happen. They'd fuss over food and all. But aren't all grandparents like that? Eep, so much love.

After about two hours, we left for some cendol loving at Chowrasta. My heart felt so heavy as we left the house because my grandparents are my favourite people next to my own parents. So leaving the house has always been difficult, even since young. And to know that I won't see them in a while broke my heart even more.


We went back to Jalan Penang basically for cendol. I'm not really fond of it so I just took photos and breathed in familiar Penang air.

Psh! And they say we girls always silang our kaki when we take photos!

We then went to Batu Ferringhi. I haven't been there in ages! But when we were there, I fell in love again with the beach and the sound of the waves and the serenity of just looking out to the horizon. It reminded of how great Tuhan is, masyaAllah. And we were there during sunset which was even better. The cuff of my jeans got wet but I didn't mind, being at the beach was possibly one of my highlights of my summer break.

After walking around Batu Ferringhi and the boys got themselves some souvenir, we left for cheese naan at the very famous Kapitan in town. I'm not a humongous fan of cheese so I stuck to good ol' roti telur. I did steal a bite from Kanda though and it was really good but I'd probably be so muak of it halfway

We left Penang for home right after dinner. After eating all day long, sleeping wasn't a problem. But I had an eye out just in case Kanda got sleepy and needed someone to talk to.

So that was Penang for us! It was a greattttt day trip and I'm glad the boys enjoyed themselves there because I have such a special place in my heart for that place and to be able to go back there before leaving for the UK was amazing. Wished we could stay longer!

Time to hit reality now, sadly. Ahhhh, can't believe it's already time for university.

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