Saturday, September 27, 2014


Hi everyone!!

It's been a week since I've been in the UK already, syukur amin. I was in London for a few nights before making the bus trip back to Bristol. Heavy hearted to leave KL but a tiny bit of me missed the UK life so a tiny bit of me wanted to get on that plane and endure the horrendous 13 hour journey. Seriously, I hate flights!! I have the worst air sickness ever and throughout the whole 13 hours, I did not stand up a single time which is bad if you think about it but I really couldn't because I was feeling too nauseous. Imagine feeling like you want to throw up for 13 hours straight!!! Quite horrible gila babs one. But I managed to pull through (phew) and safely arrived London.

I just got back to Bristol yesterday evening and as much as I love London and all it offers, I missed Bristol quite a lot. It's very me. It's chilled but it gets pretty hectic when it wants to. But for the most part, it's chilled. And London can be very very exhausting. I now understand why my seniors told me they hate the tubes. It's so tiring going up and down and being in a stuffy carriage. I try my best to not get on the tube now.


My independent living has started today. I went out to get new bed sheets because I got a bigger bed and I had groceries delivered and I cooked ayam kunyit for dinner and did my laundry. Quite proud considering I did not once attempted cooking any thing nor wash anything for the past 3 months. Teruk but hehehe was spoilt silly when I was home. The thing excited me most was getting my new duvet cover!!!!!! It's so beautifuuuuul I couldn't stop staring at it when I had it on. It's a floral motif one in all of my favourite colours.

I feel like such a grown up here because now, getting garlic and mushrooms and buying new bath mats is so exciting! Hahahaha, I LOVE grocery shopping here because there's so many things to choose from. Same with going to Boots to get my toiletries. My God, the array of hair products and skincare is insane!

Living independently can be quite tiring because you find that you have to do everything on your own and no one is going to help you but yourself. I mean, of course you have your friends but ultimately, it comes down to you to do things. Going to the bank, remembering you have to throw out the trash, writing down a list of groceries to buy and reminding yourself that the last brand of laundry detergent was rubbish so that you don't get the same one next time around. It's really memenatkan and some days you just want to bum around and not cook. But you can't because you have to! You realise that going out to eat is way too expensive especially on a student budget like ours. I read one of my seniors' tweet,

"Kalau kat rumah, hidup untuk makan. Kalau kat UK, makan sekadar nak hidup."

Which is soooooo true!! I LOVE to eat, I'd eat all day if I could in KL. And if there wasn't anything at home, I'd drive and grab something to eat. Money wasn't an issue and neither was transport. When you have the car, you can go mana mana also never mind. But here, ish. Makan whatever there is and LIVE WITH IT. Nowadays, I really cling onto my rice cooker like it's my prized possession (who we kidding, it IS my prized possession) because I can't be bothered to pay so much money on mediocre food. How much can one eat burger and fish and chips and sandwiches and kebabs. RICE FOR THE WIN. I just stir fry anything I find in my fridge and call it a day. And telur goreng. Nothing a fried egg can't fix!

So yeah, back to my independent living ways. I'm looking forward to seeing what this new academic year brings me! Also, all the traveling!! I hope to discover more places with my friends and eeeeep can't wait for our next holiday (mama papa don't worry lama lagi cuti so i'm studying now ok ok)

Hope you all have a brilliant academic year! xxxxxx


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