Monday, December 1, 2014

Bath Spa

Yesterday, I spent the whole day in my room as the sun shined through my windows and everyone was out and about. And I was in bed the whole day because I look at my weekends as my guilt-free relax time.

And I had an epiphany - I'm in the freakin' UK. My dream from since I was 7 when my mum would tell me of her uni stories abroad. It's been my dream since forever and I was annoyed at my own self that I've been indoors. So I decided - a daytrip to Bath. Bath is so near to Bristol - just about half an hour with train (and for only a fiver!) and I have Puchee and Syir there so there really was no excuse to not go. 

So I did! And I'm quite glad I did because I loooooooove Bath. It's absolutely beautiful and it's so old and so precious. It's such a small city but I love it. It's so intimate and cosy. They had small cute cafe's and I just loved it. The last time I went it was a bit warmer and the park was gorgeous but nevertheless, Bath is such a precious city and I foresee more daytrip visits!

Reached and walked around the city for a bit while I wait for Puchers to come. Waited for Syir before settling in at a Thai restaurant. I was looking forward to have hot and spicy and masam tom yam but alas, it wasn't spicy nor masam. It was okay, I guess but makes me miss Chieng Mai's tom yam.

Then we walked around and went to the Christmas Market. They had so many stalls and it was scattered all over! Made Bristols' look so tiny and boring hahaha but it had a lot more stalls selling THINGS and for a whole line of stalls, they only had one that sold drinks/food and most of it were sausages and mulled wine. Couldn't find hot chocolate nor waffles anywhere (actually there was one but they sold out of waffles...... what). And it was getting cold and I'm such a minah confident because I didn't bring my scarf nor wear boots so I was so sejuk and was in dire need of a hot drink. Found and sat in a cute cafe called Mad Hatter's Tea Party and we all had our hot chocolates and laughed and talked and laughed some more. Was soooo nice to have a girly girl conversation over hot chocolate. 

Planning to head over to Cardiff for another day trip next Saturday with Puchers. And before you know it, Marissa and I will be on our way to Amsterdam and Berlin!! Eeeeeep so excited for our travel ventures! Expect a hashtag on Twitter/Instagram hahahahaha 

(Syir is OBVIOUSLY obsessed over me)

(Minah confident pakai flats and no scarf)

Thank you Puch and Syir for bringing me around! #visitBath2014 


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