Thursday, February 12, 2015


Thing about me is that when I find something I like (and I mean, really, really, like), I go ALL out.

Wholly dedicated and it's all I do and think about.

For example, when I was in elementary school, I was VERY into Akademi Fantasia. Super into it. I even embarrassingly used to print out lyrics to the songs that every contestant would sing every week and keep it in a form of a folder/scrapbook???? You can ask me who sang what song and when and what they wore during the concert. I used to even watch their 'Diari AF' every single day. I remember, at 8pm and I would sit in front of the TV with my dinner and watch that half hour show to see what they were doing. I used to look forward every Monday because that was when they were given their songs to sing for the concert by the end of the week.
I'd buy all their albums and my mum would willingly drive us (my siblings/cousins and I) to any event of theirs. I've watched them perform live several times now!!
At the time, they were the IT celebrities and haih, I was AF's biggest fan!

And then there was the time that I was super into Mary-Kate & Ashley. Man, I think I might have bought all of their books up to the point that there was one birthday that I actually asked my mum if I could have 7 (!!!) of their books as a birthday present. I even would call up MPH or Kinokuniya to ask them if MK&A's new books have arrived and I'd ask them to set one aside for me just in case it would sell out hahahaha gila. Needless to say, I've watched all of their movies and have followed them since way back then when they wore matching dresses for their Sweet 16th!

And then there was Twilight. Man, I watched Twilight in cinema, I kid you not, 6 damn times. I watched every possible interview and bits and bobs on Twilight and Rob P. My mum even got me his biography book??? Hahaha I was a bit ridiculously crazy over him and over Twilight. Read the book in 2 days flat. And then the second movie came out and from then on, I just lost interest completely and 'til this day, I have not watched nor read the last part of Twilight and can't be bothered to.

Also, if you know me well, you know that I was GILA over Suits. And Patrick Adams. I waited about 6 hours roaming around a hotel to take a photo with him when he was in KL. I've blogged about it before so I won't get too much into it but yeah, crazy over him!!!!! And Suits, in general. I loved it so much, I managed to drag my parents into my whole craze and my dad at one point, swore Harvey Specter was just like him???? Um??? Yeah, Suits was a big craze of mine at one point. I even emulated Rachel Zane for a bit in college and I only wanted to wear pencil skirts and shirts to classes hahahaha


I'm into Korean everything. Dramas, variety shows, actors, actresses, singers, boy groups, girl groups,  culture, language. I'm actually learning Korean online now and I've managed to reel my sister in as well so she's also very much into Korean dramas now and we're actually seriously thinking of going to Seoul this Summer! If things work out, then yeah we'll be traveling there this August. I'm crossing fingers it happens 'cause I mean, can you just imagine me there just fangirling over everything?!?! I was waiting for my friend at the coach station the other day and I overheard some Koreans talking to each other and omg, I got SO excited that I tried to close in on them and hear them talk some more! I'm such a freak!?!!?!?! Who knows? This might be a phase or it might be something I will always love but looking at the situation of things right now, I'm only getting started hahaha so, I'm sorry, friends but you still have to endure me for the time being.
The first thing anyone asks me these days is,

"So I heard you're really into Korean dramas!" hahahahaha is it that obvious, guys......


Thought I'd blogged about that just to let people know that it's just really my nature, when I like something I really go all-out and I go borderline ridiculous!



  1. Omg this might sound weird but I met them too! I was actually aiming to meet Troian since I was obsessed with Pretty Little Liars, me and my friend waited at the cafe for the whole day sampai petang baru dpt jumpa haha. But it was lifetime experience la and Im gonna remember it until the day I die basically :"D
    They were so nice and sweet kan? I was shaking all the time :DDD

  2. I was waiting at their hotel for ages since pukul 9!! Gave up half way but persevered! So sweet and so good-looking! xx