Wednesday, February 25, 2015

The Same Ol'

I haven't blogged in ages!!!!

I'd love to say I went on a secret travel adventure or that I was busy with work/top secret project.

Alas, the only thing I was busy was contemplating if I should watch another episode of a K-drama or should I cook nasi goreng now or later...

So recently, I...

  • went to Cardiff and to Manchester for their Malaysian Nights and enjoyed the whole production very very much, of course with my friends on (and behind) stage, it was even better than last years. Sarah surprised us all with her acting, dancing and SINGING skills. Because from our karaoke times, I can only remember her screaming out the lyrics!!!! And of course, Hariez was the main lead for Manchester's M-Night and of course he was good as expected and was good to see that the whole audience agreed when he started to sing. Voice like melted butter that one.
  • am in the midst of learning Hangul. I'm determined to learn something new this year and not let this slip through like how I've been with my previous attempts to take up a new language. It's completely different from English in its sentence structures so it can get a bit confusing. Difficult but like I said, I'm gila determined and I'm learning everyday! And watching dramas and listening to songs help a lot also so I'd like to think that watching K-Drama and listening to K-Pop is like homework and exercise, really...
  • (and Pana) have booked our spring break holiday together! InsyaAllah if all goes well, we will be going to Budapest and Prague this late March and I'm stoked!!!! Been told by a lot of people of how beautiful both these places are so I can't wait to snap snap photos and just be in a whole other different country again. Excited!! I'm just praying and hoping it won't be too cold because last Spring, my friends and I went to South of France which had such lush weather so I'm hoping it's the same this time 'round!
  • have still not watched any new movies and I'm so annoyed that I haven't. I have so much on my 'To Watch' list and no, 50 Shades of Grey isn't on it. Honestly other than just pure curiosity, I don't really understand why would ANYONE voluntarily watch it. It's ridiculous. I haven't read the book nor will I ever. So ironic how people are all 'women shouldn't be treated like objects' and yet, here we are, rushing to the cinemas watching a movie, that's just 20% storyline and 80% abusive sex?!?!?!?! Sorry, brain can't comprehend.
Other than that, nothing much really. I've been doing the same ol', eating the same ol', missing the same ol', loving the same ol', watching the same ol' and thinking the same ol'. 

I'm kinda really loving being on my own as in being in this quiet city and being on my own for a bit. I don't actively seek for company because I love the quiet. I just hope I don't get too used to it.


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