Saturday, March 28, 2015

B x P

Besides spazzing over EXO's new song releases (that's a whole other story, Tania and I are like... done because we don't have the energy anymore to handle it), I am currently eating mandarin oranges and drinking green tea and mentally listing the things I have to pack.

YES! THAT'S RIGHT, PEOPLE. My Spring break is finally here!!!!!! Albeit it being only for a span of two weeks, I'm stoked!!! I've been really tied up with work these past couple weeks so a nice good break is very much needed for this girl here. And!!! My grandmother is coming!!! Everyone who knows me well, knows that I'm very close with my grandparents so I'm very very happy when I got news that she was coming to London along with my grandaunt and my cousin. But, I'll be holidaying with Pana in Budapest x Prague so I'll only see my Mak Tok about a week after she arrives! But sokay, as long as I spend a good enough time with her!!

I'm also very very very excited to go and travel around Budapest and Prague!! And with a new travel partner, Pana! They say you don't really know someone 'til you travel with them so I'm curious/scared/anxious/excited to travel with Pana because she's always been the one to make me cry out loud laughing so let's see if I end up laughing or crying at the end of the trip hahahaha (kidding, she's one of my best buds so I'm pretty damn sure I'm going to have the best time as I always do with her!)

Can't wait to travel around a new city again and explore and take photos and just the whole excitement that comes with traveling. So many people have asked me about the waffles that I tasted and died over in Amsterdam as well as the hotel Marissa and I stayed in (adalah gak berguna berblog ya...) so will definitely try and be good with my blogging about Budapest and Prague! Await a hashtag on Instagram hahaha #nadiapanatravels !

Have a brilliant weekend, people, regardless where you are!


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