Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Back in Briz!


Can't lie; it's actually really nice to be back in this cute ambitious city. I'm struggling to acclimatise to the cold just yet, I'm already wearing triple layers and didn't think I'd have to already wear boots and a jacket so early in the F/W season.

My flight to London was horrible. I was, throughout the journey, completely air sick. I was just nauseous for the whole 13 hours. There was a delay and we were stuck in the plane for a good 2 hours before we could took off. So that's 15 hours of breathing cabin air. Ugh, thinking about it makes me nauseous even. I could only master the energy to eat 3 bites of the potato they served for lunch and skipped dinner because they were serving fish pasta. It was either that or chicken with mashed peas...

No to both, thanks.

The girl sat next to me chose to eat the fish pasta and she hardly touched it after having her first bite. Ick. They should really try to up the quality of the food lah honestly, MAS hear me out!!

I couldn't even watch anything because I was just too dizzy. All I remember ever thinking on the plane ride was me reciting Ayat Kursi and "Don't barf, don't barf, don't get sick, you're fine, breathe in breathe out, you're NOT going to vomit!".

Half an hour before landing, I took out the air sickness bag and barfed. Twice. I had to measly ask the girl next to me, "Can I please have your air sickness bag..." to which she looked at me sympathetically and gave hers quickly before I could barf on her.

And then, after landing, I had to calm myself and I left the plane quite late which was a huge mistake because the line for immigration was ridiculous!!! It was so long and it was such a drag! And worst of all, I was still feeling sick and nauseous. I was so close to passing my bags to Najwa and Shaza who were also in the line and making a run for the toilet.

We had a good 15 minutes before the bus came and Iqbal and I left for Bristol. That was another 2 hour journey. By then, although I had slept on the flight, I was just exhausted. Traveling is no joke.

After finally arriving in Bristol and catching a cab back to my place, I settled in because I never like to unpack late because I know if I hadn't done it then, I would probably live my next few months out of my suitcase.

So as tired as I was, I managed to actually unpack and reorganised my beyond-help closet and cook Maggi for dinner. Not before getting sick again. I don't know what was wrong with me, I never had to vomit 3 times in a row in a day.

I am currently staying at a friends place because guess what. There's no WiFi in my place. How the heck am I suppose to survive with no Internet?!?!?!?! No Korean variety shows?!?!?! No Youtube ????? No Whatsapp?!??? And to top it all off, I misplaced my UK simcard so I couldn't even go on my phone for Internet if I wanted to! You can imagine me on my bed tired and frustrated and on the near end of pulling my hair out.

And the cold is not helping. My sinus is back and with a vengeance, I haven't had time out from sneezing so much and I'm also coughing up a storm. My skin has gone so dry now that I have rashes breaking out! I never had this in Malaysia so it's definitely the sudden weather change that has caused a havoc party on my skin. I'm itching all the time and my skin especially on my legs and arms, have these mosquito bite like bumps. (I Googled - they're hives. I have hives.)


Guys, what I'm trying to say is that I haven't had a good few days in the UK and I only hope it gets better from now on.



  1. Sounds like you had quite a rough start Nadia. Hope it gets better in the days to come!