Saturday, September 12, 2015

Did nothing

I'm clearly procrastinating on my packing. Leaving tomorrow morning and I'm just dreading the whole flight. I hate flights, I can't stand the smell of the cabin, I hate that I can't sleep even though I want to, I hate the screaming babies, I hate airplane food (how on earth do they get nasi lemak to look so incredibly dull, I will never know), I hate sleeping for what seems to be 7 hours only to realise it's only be 45 minutes, I hate it alllll.

I mean, the thought of going back to the UK is not unnerving, I guess. I've grown to like Bristol and living independently. I complain about cooking and washing for myself but I have to admit, it's quite fun handling things on your own. It's just that, I've got it so good here at home that the thought of going back to a routine is so dreadful. But I guess I'll get used to it.

My Mak Tok asked,

"So what did you do on your summer holiday this time?"
"Nothing... but that's exactly what I wanted"

I foresee third year to be a bit daunting, with coursework and assignments coming at you right left centre, so ideally I wanted to just spend the summer being a complete bum! And I did, so I'm quite pleased. And I went to freakin' Seoul which was if you didn't already know, the best trip of my life.

But I know the next 10 months I'm abroad will just pass me by so fast like how it has been the past 2 years so I'm okay and cool with things. And the fact that I have friends all over the UK is comforting because they're kind of like home to me. I don't mean to sound ungrateful in this blog post, I know a lot of people love the mere idea of studying overseas and I am, I thank God every single time but man, leaving home isn't easy. This has just triple assured me that I want to come back to Malaysia and work here and stay put.

When will Malaysia Airlines have WiFi on board please lah it'll be great to have internet access where I can watch 10 episodes of Running Man berturut turut, flights will be a lot more enjoyable and tolerable with internet, guys!!!

Wish me a safe flight!! Bye Malaysia love you forever and ever and ever will see you very soon insyaAllah!


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