Friday, September 25, 2015


Guess what, guys.

My WiFi is finally up and running and at 152mb which, although I'm absolutely clueless when it comes to phone speed and internet data, is really fast!

I was so impatient because I had completely used up all my Personal Hotspot data so I was left with just my phone. Man, I don't know how my parents did it, without internet! I know I can't, I'm so obsessed with Internet and this past few days really just left me so bored! I sound like such a 21st century brat but don't lie, WiFi is your saviour.


Classes have officially started and by far, I have the busiest Tuesdays. A 9-6 schedule leaves you so exhausted, man. Despite that, I'm quite happy that my other days are pretty freed up like I don't have Monday classes and I only have one lecture on Thursdays and evening lectures on Friday so I'm quite satisfied with my timetable.

It's only my first day of classes but already so daunting and intimidating. The teachers have told us that this would be an important year and I'm going to change it up a gear this year. InsyaAllah! I'd love to see my parents come to my graduation next year where I hopefully would graduate with a first. Seems like a big dream for a girl like me but I know myself, and if I push and discipline myself, I'll be okay.

Today is Raya Haji and although back home, our family doesn't really do anything special today besides having nice lunch and dinner (but we have nice lunches and dinners everyday anyway), it's quite lonely to be in my home in Bristol without any family. Miss them by the day but oh well, distance comes with studying abroad so I just have to persevere 'til the next time I see them!

Selamat Hari Raya, everyone! 

I, on the other hand, am going to continue watching Korean shows. How I've missed them.

(EDIT : Went out for a Korean dinner with Nana today and before that, we stopped over at a Korean shop where I got cute chopsticks and prawn crackers. The owner was Korean and went I greeted her with an Anyeonghaseyo, she was shocked and told me I had very good pronunciation which honestly, meant so much to me. She was shocked throughout our visit to the store and every time I'd say something in Korean, she would just shake her hand in disbelief and say my Korean was so good, and if only she could learn English the way I learned Korean. She would turn to Nana and just tell her that I spoke exactly like a Korean. This all seems like I'm bragging to the ends of earth but really, more than anything, it means a great deal to me when a native Korean says I speak well with good pronunciation. It's fantastic motivation for me to continue learning Korean. If you've taken up a foreign language and be told how good you sound, you'd understand how I feel. Hehe just wanted to share that here because it made my whole week!)


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