Monday, December 19, 2016

A wedding, some tears, and a lot of laughs

My weekend with friends! 

I spent my Friday night watching Sing with Iman. I LOVE that movie - particularly all the singing, duh. I'm reminded again and again how brilliant Tori Kelly is as a vocalist. I haven't stopped listening to her rendition of Stevie Wonder's 'Don't You Worry About A Thing' ever since I got back home from watching that movie. 

Saturday, I attended Ha's wedding. The Ha I sat with in history classes in KY. Sighhhh, I'm so elated for her. To be married to your high school sweetheart is everything! She looked stunning in her baju pengantin, with her husband on that pelamin. Makes me want to get married! The place was also really beautiful - she had the land next to her house look like the fanciest wedding hall. And the food was really sedap - they had apam balik!!! I'm definitely having apam balik at my wedding, y'all better be sure of that. And roti jala. And sirap limau because it's my favourite drink ever. And banoffee pie for SURE. I'm definitely the kind of person to want her guests to remember my wedding for the food.

Ha had this really cute photo booth section in her house and it was really fun because they had some props and you could take the photos back home. This one was a soft copy from their Facebook page (the photo booth company is called Theseplay). Always loved these photo booth ideas. Don't worry - I'll defo have this at my wedding too. Hahaha

Didn't know you could make a canopy look this gorgeous! Definitely in favour of an outdoor wedding now. 

With my girls!

Got my pelamin - need the groom now. 

A selfie with the beautiful couple! 

 Look at how stunning Ha is - I need a moment!! So happy for her - only wishing you the best happiness and the best marriage ahead for you, darling girl! 

Isn't the pelamin soooo beautiful???? Sighhh my heartttttt... I'm such a sucker for weddings.

And then on Sunday, other than taking like 3 naps, I went for Kaveetha's little gathering at her house. The event was in remembrance of Hafiz. Kaveetha and Sanju, being the amazing friends they are, got us all together for some makan-makan and to celebrate him. There were some tears but there were a lot more laughs. I was incredibly excited to go for this one because it feels like it's been so long since I met this bunch of friends. I got some smack about it obviously but I loved the whole night - being with some of my very, very good friends since high school was so damn fun. Forgot how much of a good time I have when I'm with them. 

Kaveetha's house was where I used to go for my BM tuition when I was in high school and she'd always host gatherings then so going to her house is like going back to being a teen. I love it. Conversations have changed but we're still the same people. We're now talking about work and our careers and who's getting married. It's so weird!!!! But so wonderful because shows how we've grown together. I had such a good time that I only left at 2:30 knowing very well that I had work the very next day. What's a little less sleep than being with friends, amirite?

A weekend of friends - only just about my favourite type of weekends. 

To more dinners, weddings, and celebrating our youth!


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