Saturday, December 10, 2016

My Week


It's a Friday and I have next Monday and Tuesday off!!!! Yes!!! So excited to do absolutely nothing. 

/ Talking to Strangers /

Yesterday and today was spent being in a exhibition on behalf of the Nelissa Hilman brand. I think one thing I've realised from working with NH is that I'm getting more and more comfortable talking to new people. I realised people aren't that scary as I had once thought. You say 'Hi' and more often than not, they're going to say hi back with a smile. I spent most of the time talking to people who had a genuine interest about the brand. Well, enough interest to walk over to me at least. I must've looked bored as heck as I had no data on my phone at all and there was no working WiFi. But nevertheless, I had a great time. I actually really do genuinely like talking to people. 

/ Crush'd /

Also, on a totally unrelated note but I just had to write it here so that future self can remember, I met an incredibly cute Chinese boy at one of the booths and sigh, he was quite dreamy. He actually came up to my booth when I was by myself and looked at the shoes and took one of the coupons we were offering. Ahh, my 2 day crush, how do I find you on social media??? I know where you work but how do I find you??? Kinda reminded me of my younger, naive high school days when I used to have crushes all the damn time! Hahahahaha thinking about it makes me laugh but coming across this Chinese boy at the exhibition made me really miss having someone to like! It's such a great feeling to be excited about someone so although it was short-lived, I was quite happy to have someone to be excited about. Dear Chinese boy at the GEC exhibition, thanks for igniting a missed yet completely familiar feeling in me. Twas great. Find me on Instagram. Please.

/ The Dot Com Change /

Also, you might've noticed but I've changed my blogspot to a dot com. Exciting!!!!! For me, at least. For those who don't know about the back story of my blogging, I started when I was 14. Form 2 and I had just moved to Taman Tun. A good 60% of my friends in that class were running blogs. Some updated it frequently, some not so but all the same, I LOVED reading their stories and their 14-year-old feelings that I thought I'd join in the fun. I had kept a diary before that anyway so I just thought of it as a natural millenial thing to do - take diaries on a more public platform. 

And I'm pretty sure (but do correct me if I'm wrong!) that I'm the only one from that circle of friends who still keeps a blog. I'm a hoarder by nature, takes me so long to throw out things because I'm quite sentimental that way. I feel so sayang to trash things because at one point in life, it must've meant a lot to me. So I try to hold on to things til they go old and rusty but even then, I sayang. So that's why I've never been tempted to deactivate or delete my blog. Holds so much memories and old cringy stories to me! So the progression from a blogspot to a dot com was natural. Big girl already! Both me and my blog.


Don't really know what I'm going to be doing this long weekend. My mind says to do something productive like finally catching up on my Korean skills or read that marketing book I haven't gotten around to doing but my heart says to pamper and chill and maybe do a Harry Potter marathon. Or maybe finally I'll get that massage I've been wanting to do for ages. 

Or maybe I'll prompt my stalker/detective skills to find that Chinese boy on Instagram/Twitter. 

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