Sunday, December 25, 2016

Monthly Resolutions for 2017

I have an intense love-hate relationship with long weekends. I look forward to it and I bask in my fort of pillows and Korean dramas but at the same time, I'm so fidgety and I need to do something. But I end up not doing anything because I can't be bothered to drive anywhere! Frustrating but I'm trying to still just be happy with the fact that it's Monday tomorrow and I don't have to wake up early for work.

So other than watching endless Youtube videos (anyone knows of a good Youtube series to watch? I've pretty sure I've finished watching all of Buzzfeed's and Vox's videos), it has dawned on me that next Sunday is 2017. How quick has that been?? It got me thinking that I need a new approach for the new year so instead of a new year resolutions, I'm going to make monthly resolutions. I brought it up to my mum and she's already announced it to the whole world via her Facebook. Sigh, parents and their FB obsession. 

The whole point to a monthly resolution is that instead of having a yearly one in which I completely abandon by 4th January, I thought it'd be better to have 12 short-term ones. I think I'll be more focused and more enthusiastic to fulfil and achieve it. Right? Right.

January will be a month where I stop drinking sweet drinks (all kinds - sirap limau, coke, fruit juices, everything!). Mama was so enthusiastic, she has already planned 6 months in advance! I was thinking of doing month by month but ok....

My yearly resolution is to start saving up for my future. I should've done it long time ago hahaha but I'm going to take it rather seriously this coming year. And hope it snowballs into something big and fruitful in the near future. InsyaAllah! That and to take more photos. And not necessarily for Instagram. 

I'm going off tangent but fellow K-Drama fans, can we please discuss what a GORGEOUS drama Goblin is???? Some people are having a hard time digesting the age gap between the Goblin and Eun Tak but ??? Love is love ??? It's such a well-written, well thought out drama and I'm sooooooo into it. Production wise, it's brilliant. Gong Yoo is hella dreamy!! He says everything so romantically tragic, it's breaking my heart!! I keep changing favourite actors all the time but Gong Yoo is defo top 5. 
 I'm also really loving Dong Wook (have always regarded him as a great actor - loved him in Bubblegum) and Kim Go-Eun is so precious here. Didn't like Cheese in The Trap but thought she was really good in it so I was looking forward to her in this drama. Overall this drama is just golden and I highly recommend it. It is kinda heavy but the characters themselves are very lighthearted, it's just the plot that gets quite melodramatic and tragic. 

Oh and of course, merry christmas!! I love Christmas and I long to be back in England where Christmas was everything shiny and sparkly. I'm so dead jealous on everyone's holiday photos and their Christmas lunches and dinners. My Christmas lunch was Mama's cooking (the best ever!) and my dinner was McDonalds and fried rice. Not that festive but home is home and I'm kinda really loving it. 

Wishing everyone a great week ahead! Can't believe it's the last week of 2016!


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