Sunday, January 1, 2017

HAPPY 2017

It's about an hour to 2017.


I don't know why but I get kinda emotional getting into the new year. I don't know if it's regret for not living it to the most or if it's the feeling of leaving something. I'm excited for 2017 and I'm determined to be a newer me but 2016 was my big-girl year. I graduated from university and I started my first ever job. I'm more stuck by the fact that it's leaving a chapter rather than starting a new one. 2016 saw me leave my student years behind and embracing the working adult life. And I see that as such a huge step and it's the beginning of a whole new phase of life and being the nostalgic girl I am, I kinda need a moment to take that in. I've had the absolute best student years ever and I loved school and college and university so this year was finally my farewell to all that. I always say I hate exams and dislike studying but I've been doing that since I was 7! That's 17 years!!! You can't just leave 17 years of a phase in life just like that. So I'm still trying to adapt to being an adult and I personally think I'm adjusting to it well but man, I miss being a student. InsyaAllah to more and more meaningful and beautiful moments in life in the future but thank you ya Allah for blessing me with such great schooling years. Unforgettable!

But as we inch into a new year, I have to adjust accordingly and I have to look through big-girl lenses now. I'm excited and I'm looking forward to a lot of things. I've made some New Year resolutions and all of them contributes to my own personal growth; to be a better version of myself now, to be more responsible, to be a better friend, sister and daughter and just to be a well-rounded adult. I want to have fun more, I want to create better and bigger memories, I want to learn more and I want to be more ambitious. I want to start taking some action in my life. I want to be a go-getter. I need 2017 to be my go-getter year. If I want it, I'm going to do all that is needed to get it done and I'll just pray that Allah blesses my work and my efforts along the way.

Eeep! Excited!

Be kind, be generous and be great. Let's make this year our favourite one yet.




  1. God, that's a huge transition kan? From being a student to a working adult. I can't picture myself doing that just yet, but hope you're holding up alright bridging these two phases of life together! Happy new year, Nadia! Pls never stop blogging hahah

  2. Happy New Year to you too, Sheerotbot! Hahah, hope university is going great, third year always challenging but you'll miss it so soak in all the fun as much as you can :) And don't worry, I won't stop blogging - already 10 years in, too sayang to stop! xxxxxx