Monday, January 23, 2017

Turning 24!

So since the last time I blogged, one thing's changed...


... I've turned a year older!!! Yay!

I'm pretty big on birthdays and it brings me so much joy so I was pretty pumped about turning a year older. It's no different (because a lot of people have asked, "Best tak 24?" FEELS THE SAME, PEOPLE!), lemme just tell you that. I'm not particularly affected by my age because I feel pretty young anyway. When I was at my birthday dinner with my family, we gave some cake to the ladies at the next table and one of them asked, "So how young are you, miss?" and I said, "24" and she replied, "Ugh, me too!". She completely wasn't btw and I don't know why but that made me feel young for some reason?? I think it must be that I'm starting to surround myself with people older than I am (instead of my same aged friends) that I actually consider myself still quite young. 

So I just went on a paragraph basically patting myself on the back for still being 24. Great post so far zz.

My birthday was a pretty mellow, chilled one. Marissa called me half an hour before the clock hit 12 as expected of the ultimate best friend!!! We laughed and we talked and we sang. I'm not going to go on a whole novel about how I love the girl because it's pretty given that I do but her call gave me a wonderful start to my day. Tasha and Amira from work gave me cute presents; Tasha gave me earrings and Amira got me a H&M gift card and I was so happy because I was really about to buy something from H&M so this came at great timing. Tasha even made me a card with my face all over it and "SELAMAT HARI NADIA" written across it. Looove! I lucked out at work because I've got some really good company with me, would've been not too fun if I had boring colleagues! 

For dinner, we went to one of our (but mostly, MY) favourite restaurants called 'Dancing Fish'. No food photos because I suck at taking them and was too hungry that I wasn't bothered. Mama got me a BEAUUUUUTIFUL cake, the prettiest I've had to date! And I've had pretty damn good cakes in the past. And this one TASTED just as good as it looked. They're from @tigrelilycakes if anyone's interested. My mum has always been very enthusiastic about birthday cakes since we were young (sit her down for a conversation on the parties she's hosted and she'll gladly talk to you for a good hour and a half about it all) but this was my favourite one. It had actual REAL flowers in it!!! I insisted that we had to cut from the back because didn't want to ruin the cake. And it stayed like that 2 days after hahaha, so sayang to remove all the decoration! 

My frilly baby pink blouse is from Forever 21, my pants are from Seoul, and silver heels are from Nelissa Hilman. Of course.

HOW BEAUTIFUL, right?? I'm so only going to order from @tigrelilycakes from now on. This was a strawberry cake and it was really quite tasty!

Iman got me a perfume for my birthday with her own money!! How sweet is the little kiddo! 

Missing my other two siblings.

Though it was actually quite difficult to cut into the cake because of all the flowers so this took me a good minute to figure what was best for the cake. Haha not for my family who wanted to eat it but for the cake. 

Birthdays are when you're reminded again and again throughout that you have some pretty sweet company around you which is why I really love them. Very, super blessed for the family and friends I have and very, super touched for all the personal messages I got - whether it was from phone calls, lengthy Whatsapp messages, direct messages, everywhere! I highly appreciate that hot minute everyone took to wish me a happy 24th because I felt appreciated. So far I haven't had a bad year (alhamdulillah syukur let this not be a jinx amin!) and it's a lot thanks to the people I surround myself with. 

So thank you, you've made this 24 year old girl very happy!

Another trip around the sun, insyaAllah! Let this be a wonderful year for me and for everyone. Amin!


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