Sunday, February 12, 2017

A white brunch

Hello ! 

I'm not only apologetic to this blog and the friends who read it but also to myself. I've been procrastinating on updating my personal diary also. I just don't have that much time anymore and I'm just really, really boring and tired most of the time.

This is what my weekdays look like : 

Alarm goes off at 8:30 but I only really get up close to 9. I rush to get ready and I'm out of the door by 9:30 and hope to God that traffic isn't that bad. And although I know I shouldn't, but I skip breakfast.

Takes me about 20 minutes to get to work if the road is clear. Traffic going to work isn't always horrible but some days it can be quite a bitch and I grumble to myself for not checking traffic ahead.

I'm at work and I like to do a bulk of what I'm supposed to do early in the day because I'm now appointed to NH (for real this time, guys, forgot to update on this! But yay!) under fulfilment and customer experience so orders going out and enquiries coming in, a bunch of that I have to do early on before courier comes in to pick them up. But since it's a small company, I try to help out in a lot of other things too. 

Lunch at 2 (I've been championing an earlier lunch time but sometimes we get too tied with work that we forget it's past normal lunch hours). We don't have a lot of food places around the office so we usually go to this Malay restaurant called Enak. Quite appropriate because the nasi lauk is really quite enak.

Continue doing work til it's time to head home. This can vary between 6 pm - 7 pm. Of course, the earlier the better because I'm dead sleepy by 5.

Traffic going home depends on what time I leave the office, really. The earlier, the clearer. Anytime past 6:30 and I can expect to be in the car for an hour. Horror!!!! But BFM has really good interview and debates around the hour which makes up for good car time. 

Once I'm home, I'm usually asked to get ready to leave home again for dinner. My mum hardly cooks anything for dinner because we're trying to not have rice for dinner. We usually save that for earlier meals. Dinner we go light. So it's usually either roti canai/tosai or fast food. But since it's Fries Free February for me, it's been admittedly quite limiting for me. Both mum and I are way too lazy to travel far so we're always just circling around our neighbourhood to see what's good. 

Home by 9:30 and I still laze around til 10 before I finally push myself to the shower. Takes me so long to get in the shower and takes me so long to get out! 

In bed by 11 and I'm sooooo tired but still, I try to catch up with Youtube and Korean dramas (K-Drama update : I've been watching Hwarang only nowadays but I'm starting to get into Defendant and really want to start on Tomorrow With You.). I try to sleep by 1 latest because I really really really need my 8 hours. Once I slept super late like at 3 and woke up just about the angriest and grumpiest I've been in so long.


That summarises my day. Which is why I don't really update much because as you can see there's nothing much I can update anyway.

I had a great day yesterday! It was Johann and Aidit's joint birthday brunch. Brunch. BRUNCH! I don't do brunches because I really hate sacrificing my weekend mornings for meals. And I'm usually out late the night before (which was true this weekend - was out til 3:30). But this was a meal with good friends so as much as I groan about an early morning, it was really fun. We went to The Forum @ The Signature in Desa Hartamas. I've never been to this place before. This was a themed brunch - we all wore white and the birthday boys wore black. The place was so warm! So I was kinda happy we wore white because damn, if I had worn black...

I think I should really start wearing eyeliner lah, my eyes are so small!!

When Ayesha and I saw Debra eating this, we ordered it right away.

I got my top from Monki and I really like it! It's a wide-sleeved cropped white shirt. Loved it because it looked like your typical, common white shirt but nothing about it apart from being white is like a typical, common white shirt. 

All they do is insult each other but the sweetest group of best friends ever, I swear!! 

With the birthday boiz.

We had a huge group photo but I stupidly exited the group chat and deleted it without saving any photos! GG.

After good laughs all around, a birthday song sung twice, a million photos taken and lounging around, a bunch of us went for karaoke in SS2. Ok tip! I don't know if this was a one-day special but we all got to go in for free because we were all born in the Year of the Rooster. This was at Neway, btw. We only had to pay for our first drink and I think drinks past that was also free. Great deal because the room we got was huge! Haven't karaoke-d in a long time so this was really fun. I always forget how much I enjoy a good karaoke session. 

Left at 5:30 and I showered and got ready for bed. Skipped dinner, even. Slept at 9 and woke up 8 am today.

I've been in my room all day today because Sundays are my thing. 
Have been listening to a lot of Kehlani these days. Her new album is so bomb, I love every track but my favourite is Personal, Piece of Mind and Keep On. 

How was your weekend? Are you already looking forward for next weekend? Me too, babes. Me too.


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