Monday, February 27, 2017


Y'know what, even if the world came crushing down tomorrow, I'd be ok with the bunch of friends I already have. I know some really great, intellectual, funny, ambitious people and I have the ultimate privilege of having to call them my friends. 

Today, I had brunch with 2 of them. And they're both really purdy and sweet and I love them. And we're all like the same size (short) so it's actually quite cute. Hahahaha

I treasure small blunches (it was supposed to be brunch but we only got there at like, 1pm so... blunch is like we intended it to be brunch but didn't really quite get to that stage so...) with my good friends because you can just go on and on and on. This time it was 4 hours of just talk and photo taking. We met up at Botanica and Co. The food's fine. Actually, I didn't even pay much attention to what I ate because we were just catching up with one another so much that there wasn't a time that we were actually eating eating. I had arrabiata something something and it was pretty basic pasta. And it's quite pricey also! Total came close to 200 bucks and it was just the three of us. 

We talked about everything under the sun - work and how hard it can be, love and how hard it is, boys and how hard they've always been, and everything in between. So basically rants lah. Always such a fun, fun time. I feverishly looked forward to this blunch so it was so nice to meet up again. The last time we met was in November! But everyone's so busy these days and it gets difficult to have spare time for friends. I miss school where work was so much less. So much less stressful. Fatin and Sarah have it way worse than I do lah but still! 

Some photos from today.

We didn't have to wait long for a table - but maybe it's cause it was only the three of us. Also, this place is pretty popular for birthday. About 5 times we heard Happy Birthday sung aloud by the waiters. 

How gorgeous are these girls!! Stunners.

This baju was the first thing I bought in Seoul. Literally on the first day where I vowed to not buy anything yet. I couldn't pass it up - I absolutely love it. Both frills and blue/white stripes? Um yes please???

Sarah's laksa is HUGE. Poor girl - looked like she was continuously eating but it was never-ending! 

Eeeep so sayang! Also look! I gone got some bangs for meself, didn't I? Tiny bit annoying having to fix them every so often but I think I look like 8 years younger so there's that. 

#WIWT is something I'm trying to make happen again. For you who don't know, it's 'What I Wore Today'. Ok also how annoying is Sarah and Fatin - they're always so photogenic - they look like this in literally every shot!! Perfect smiles and all! I had a million before settling on one measly photo. 

I have the BEST bunch of girlfriends around me so I'm going to hold on to them for a long, long time.  Strong, independent, super smart, generous, kind souls and I'm forever forever blessed with great company around me like Fatin and Sarah. To more late brunches, my beautiful gems!