Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Quick Chats #3

It's such a drag to shower but trust me, once I get in the shower, I'm there for like 45 minutes (while still conserving water the best I can, don't worry!). So I'm trying to delay my shower because once I do, I'll probably not blog at all.

I'm skipping dinner tonight because I had a heavy breakfast - nasi lemak with paru. And I freaking love myself some paru. For lunch, I had a massive bowl of ramyeon and I still am so full from those two so I'm giving my stomach a break and not have anything for dinner. So close to getting myself some fries just now but I had to refrain because!!! Tomorrow I'm going to get myself that nasi lemak again hahaha

I haven't updated my diary in ages because it was on my bedside table and the past 2 weeks, I was sleeping (and living) in my parents room while they were away. And I'm tiny bit scared to start writing again because I don't know what I would've remembered and what I've forgotten. I'll get the days all wrong and so is there any purpose to a diary if I can't remember the days and what I did?? Stress.

Tomorrow, I'm going to the gym with Sarah. And this was a spur of the moment "Jom Sarah, let's start enrolling to a gym" on a random mamak night and Sarah is a woman of promise and half of me wanted her to forget I ever proposed the idea to her but half of me is glad she remembers. Now, I kinda have to go. And only now I'm scrambling to find appropriate gym clothes. Thank God I still have one (!!! ONE!!!) from the time I tried to gym in KY but never worked out after that hahahaha

Anyway! My parents are home and so is my brother!!!! He hasn't been back in 2 years! I'm so excited and so, so happy to have him back and to have the house full again. Remember the days where I used to be alone at home and there'd be days that go by where I don't even see my own parents?? Now the house is noisy and lively though half of us are still jet-lagged haha.

They arrived KL last night but I was just so tired from work that I slept pretty early. Next thing I knew it was morning and my sisters had posted 'Welcome home!' videos of my brother on Instagram. And my mum posted a photo of my sisters and Zaim. We even got him a big, obnoxious balloon that says "Congrats, Zaim! What a nerd..." hahahaha because we just thought it was funny and appropriate (he'd always thought he was too cool to be a nerd... he ain't!). Apologies but I'm about to brag and praise my kid brother for graduating with first class honours!!!!!!! What a smart cookie! I mean, I've always known he was very smart but I mean!!! It ain't easy getting first class and he worked really hard to get it so I'm so happy and so proud that he managed to get that award. 

How the hell did he manage to survive flights with wearing just shorts? Aren't flights cold as January winter????

Ok bye, need to shower, put on a face mask, start filling in my diary and then find gym shoes...

... sigh, wish me luck!


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