Friday, September 8, 2017

Catch up on the weeknd

It's Friday, I feel a headache coming on, but I'm all snuggled in my bed and I just showered so I smell pretty great.

The past 5 day holiday was bliss and my sisters and I went for a quick weekend trip to Singapore, mainly because I really wanted to catch the Yayoi Kusama exhibit and it was already the closing weekend so I had to go that weekend. 

It's been a week since that happened and I'm so obviously still on that post-holiday blues. I treated my sisters so I'm pretty broke now but I'm so glad I did it. I really wanted a holiday and I really kinda needed it. I never got a break since graduating so I guess this was it. Actually, no. Just remembered I went to Seoul as my grad gift lol. But this is my first time really spending from flights to accommodation to dinners. So it felt kinda... good? Wrong time to be broke though because Fenty Beauty just launched today and Zara had pretty nice things when I popped by just now.

Also! Sam Smith is back, baby, back!!! I love him and I missed his music loads so I'm so~ excited he's back! He only has 1 song out and I already love it. I can't wait to hear the rest of the album, apparently out by end of September. Eeeeeep! Sad ballads, come my way! Mess me up, Sam!!!!

I'll update more about our Singapore trip (with a video!) soon enough, need to compile photos and videos first. Haven't gotten the time to sit down and zen yet so maybe this weekend.

I've got 2 events tomorrow and they're kinda back-to-back but I'm so stoked for both 'cause I get to meet my friends again!!!! From seeing each other every single night to not seeing each other months and months on. Pretty crazy to think about it.

OMG! ALSO! I know I wrote something about tea tree oil being my saviour but I got myself a big burn because of it so I'm retracting my statement about it. DON'T wear it with a pimple patch or band aid or anything that will have the tea tree oil trapped. I Googled it and it is a thing. There is such thing as a tea tree burn. So don't be like me and try this out. Sorry, I hope no one's tried it yet. But if you have, I swear by aloe vera. I bought it and put it on my burns (burnSSSSSSS ok, I'm talking multiple spots!!!! On my face!!!!!) and it cured in like, 2 days. What kind of magic is aloe, amirite? 

Hope everyone has a great Saturday and Sunday! Make it count, guys.


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