Friday, September 22, 2017

The Intern

So in March, we had a new intern. Her name is Anis. I'll be the first to say she came off very strong. Like she was constantly clinging on to me. And I didn't even know her!! She was a strong presence in an office that otherwise was quite... mellow. But over the time, the whole office felt livelier, noisier, funner, and had more character. I looked forward to my days in the office because I had a friend. Not that I don't love my colleagues, I do, but Anis felt more friend than a colleague. She is not just the same age as I am, she was also born the day after me. Destined.

I love this girl. Anyone who knows me knows that I'm not one for PDA and I don't like to be too clingy with anyone. It was my upbringing and I've always been pretty much to myself so when Anis came into my life, I was (like I said earlier) taken aback but I enjoyed it. She's such a ball of sunshine and makes everyone's day. She helped me so much at work and has always helped me get my A-game up. I never thought I'd find a lifetime best friend at work so I'm so glad we chose her to be our intern hahaha. Now I have one more dulang girl candidate! (I'm not getting married soon)

But anyway, she has officially left the company. She interned for a good 6 months and was given the choice to continue with us but she got a better job offer elsewhere and I told her to go. It was so obviously a better choice to leave for this other job she got and I didn't want her to be tied down to this company just because she felt obligated to. As much as I and the team love her. 

I'm pretty sad about it because my best friend left (!!!) but we're all trying to make up for it by doing our best to keep ourselves entertained. We had a good singing fest just now when the boss wasn't in. It's not like we won't see her anymore anyway but it's an absence that is definitely felt by everyone. 

Love you miss you and sayang you more, bestie. Be good, jumpa soon for dim sum or nasi ayam kukus Ilham. 

Thought I had to write this down because although I won't forget Anis (I can't possibly, she's texting me everyday) but I haven't made a friend in so long that I'm this close to so I wanted to immortalise this. For future me to see that I made a best friend at 24. 


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