Sunday, September 24, 2017


It's been an incredibly lazy weekend for me. Haven't seen the outside world for 2 days now which is great. My ideal weekend is being home, on my bed, watching endless shows on my laptop and take several naps. I don't get to do this on the weekdays so I like to busk in sheer nothingness on the weekend. 

I just had a McDonalds lunch and I'm always torn between feeling really fantastic after eating burger and fries or feel really guilty because damn, that's a lot of fast food. Doesn't help that there's a McDonalds just 3 minute drive from my house. I just realised I haven't done the 'one-month fast' that I used to do in the beginning of the year. We're a week to October so maybe I should restart with a No Fast Food month. And I think I need to skip on sugary drinks. I drink way too much sirap limau in a week. 

I've run out of most of my skincare products; cleanser, toner, essence, moisturiser. I hate how they always seem to finish at around the same time, no matter how big or small I buy them! My pay is only coming next week and I'm trying to be more sensible with my shopping these days. I even downloaded an app that lists, calculates and tallies my expenditures. It's such a no brainer app but it's such a useful one - a lot of my money goes into food so I'm trying to see how I can cut down on that. Bring my embarrassing water bottle out for lunch instead of ordering drinks and eating smaller portions of food. And no snacks! Not sure what my app is called but there are plenty for you to check out. They all work out pretty much identical anyway. 

So on Friday, (I know I'm skipping from one topic to another with no flow whatsoever but just roll with it ok) my friends and I made a mini road trip to have dinner at one of our favourite places, Garden Seafood. It's in Tanjung Malim and we got to know of it because we studied at KY. It's AMAZING, they are pretty famous for their honey sotong and it's a must order whenever we go. Ariff left KL for the UK yesterday so as a last gathering, he wanted to eat at Garden Seafood. So we planned the trip and went on Friday. We stopped over at KY with no expectations whatsoever that we'd get in because they've grown to be quite strict with visitors over the years. But they did!!! College was empty because it was a long weekend so the cafe, dining hall and everything else was closed. Would've loved to go to the cafe and see everyone (lol I don't know anyone in KY now). We moved on to Garden Seafood and after stuffing ourselves with homemade beancurd, honey sotong, kangkung belacan, nyonya chicken and ikan tiga rasa, we left for KL. Definitely will make the trip again.

Stopped by at the bus because Zain wanted to take a photo with... himself.

House rivalry is still *such* a thing. 

I think we were all a bit mesmerised being at the Saad Square. We've not only just left KY, we're also all done with university! So surreal to be back here.

My hangout place closed when we were there! Sad. 

Yum, doesn't this just look like a dream!!!!! Can't wait to go back.

I'm all showered and I have clay mask on (from Innisfree) on and I'm getting peckish. Need to find something to make. Have been wanting to eat samyang for so long so maybe that.

Damn it, tomorrow's Monday.


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