Sunday, October 8, 2017

Quick Snaps #4

Last I did a quick snap post was in July so thought I'd bring it back. 

- Hazeem's Wedding -

So, not too long ago, Hazeem got married! Hazeem was our senior in college but he's actually just the same age as us. One of the nicest boys I've met and so when he invited a bunch of us to his wedding, we definitely got excited. And it was really fun because I got to meet so many friends whom I haven't seen in so long. 

I also managed to find an outfit to wear. My prom dress from my senior year in college. It's tight but I persevered through! Sucked in my tummy and strategically placing my clutch over it whenever we took photos. The boys wanted to lepak right after but I was like, "Nuh-uh, no thanks, bye have fun!" because I didn't bring a spare outfit and I wasn't about to go to a mamak wearing a dress that was not my size anymore. But I loved dressing up so ahem, friends, more weddings please!! And let me know in advance so can diet for a bit hahah

With Fatin. Whenever we meet, we're always kinda agonising about work hahaha. Miss this habibi, can't wait for 3 hour lunches again.

With the lovely Ibrahim sisters, Saara and Faara. Both my seniors in KY. Got close to Saara (the one on the left) because she, like me, is a huge Korean fan and we both speak Korean so that was really fun. We bonded over our love for Reply 1988 hehe. KOREA MANIA BRINGS PEOPLE TOGETHER.

With the married one here. So cute - Ha and her husband came in matching pink. Shall I subject my future husband to matchy outfits? Of course.

With a high school friend, Hakim, whom I haven't seen in 7 YEARS!!!!! He is such a hermit - he doesn't have any social media that he's active on and he's hardly out and about. He was one of the groomsmen (he and Hazeem were housemates in Canterbury) so this is such a small world but so nice to see this boy again. We're exactly the same since high school btw, we've not changed.

HAHAHAHAHA looking back at all the photos and it's SO funny and dumb that I have my clutch on my tummy in EVERY photo hahahahaha ok next time definitely not wearing tight dresses.


This was my first time at Riuh. We had to work because Nelissa had a small booth up for the weekend. It was soooo much fun. I was working but we were free to roam around whenever we were free. And it's actually really fun to meet up with people who are a fan of the brand. But the whole event was so amazing - it was so heartwarming to see people come over to an event that was supporting everything local! Local food, drink, music, clothes, brands, everything! I think we're still not there yet in terms of supporting local (because if we were, we won't really be shouting from the rooftops that "WE LOVE LOCAL PRODUCTS! SUPPORT LOCAL!") but I love that people are coming out to do it as much as they can. It's so nice to see. Or as I like to say it, "Sedap mata memandang" which I think is such an apt and beautiful thing to say. But anyways! Riuh is held every month for a weekend so the next one is going to be on the 21st and 22nd October so stay tuned! NH won't be having a booth then but I'll still definitely go because I had so much fun the last time. Hope to see more and more people at the next one!

I didn't have this because.... it wasn't that appealing to me to have rice and bread in one dish but people say it's pretty overwhelming. Definitely a meal to share around.

Ok talk about an overexposed photo. This is Shiqa, a relative of mine whom I haven't seen in soooo long. Remember seeing she had this huge Barbie house when we were younger and I was SO jealous. This was actually our second time meeting after years and years not seeing each other. The first was at Hazeem's wedding! Like I said, small world.

Tip : Bring cash. And a lot of it because food is quite pricey here.

With Nadira. The ever cute, ever bubbly Nadira. She then told me off for using a plastic straw. She's a strong environmentalist and so inspiring. She carries a metal straw everywhere k! Dedication right here! 

The first day of Riuh was Malaysia Day and it was also the Keretapi Sarong day! So people were riding public transport with their sarong's and we saw so many people come by to the event wearing sarongs. It was such a great day to see people celebrate Malaysia at a locally curated event.

Such a smart idea. So simple and yet so fun - for all ages! Something about soap water forming into transparent shiny floating balls is just so timeless. And cheap! But there were a couple of kids who didn't understand the concept so they were just flinging around soap water. Err, parents??? 


Anis, bless her heart, bought us all a Tupperware water bottle. She carried one herself and she must've thought we were not drinking enough water at work ('cept for me, I'm the heaviest drinker in the office!) because she got all of us one! Sweet.

Out with Hanna for an ayam penyet lunch (what else, amirite??). And this was her last full day and she spent her lunch with me!!! I appreciated my last few days before going back to the UK and I made sure to spend a lot of it with just family (because a lot of my friends were flying back to the same place) so was really nice of her to reach out to me for lunch! 

Genuinely was curious what app everyone was using for the film-like filter and found out it was Gudak. It's suchhhh a cool concept. Basically, it's like a film camera only on a phone. You can't choose a filter, you can't adjust and edit the photo, you can't even have a full screen view of the photo you're taking!!! It's through a tiny view finder, much like in a film camera. So cool. And you have to complete all 24 (?) films and then ONLY will it develop. And developing time takes freaking 72 hours to complete. And you can't even cheat by adjusting your dates on your phone. It's wonderful. I love film cameras but can't afford to buy one, or at least maintain one, so this would do. You do have to buy the app though but only for RM3.90 and that's a pretty good steal methinks. 

This is random but this is my FIRST milo ais in so long. I'm a serial sirap limau drinker but I haven't had it in so long because I'm trying this new thing where I lessen my sugar intake (also in efforts to save money during lunchtime). So for a change, thought I had a milo ais. Just me or is McDonald's milo ais still the

Our monthly reunion! We had ayam penyet for dinner at Lekor, The Curve. Upon my recommendation of course (I'm oBSESSED!!!!) and they loved it too which was great! I can't be the only one who hates recommending food places to go because of the unnecessary burden you carry for choosing a place for everyone and the follow-up guilt if the food turned out bad??

Night time with the boys playing Avalon and being the loudest table around. Avalon is a pretty emotional game - you have to be INVESTED in order to win. First time I played this game, I hated everyone and legit wanted to leave the house. So extra.

This was during a Saturday night when everyone participated in cooking a western dinner. And I didn't do anything because I had a pretty long nap and didn't come down to help out. Felt SO bad about it so I volunteered to wash the dishes. But food was great. Thanks to Mama's 3 helpers (not me).

Thing about Gudak is that you have to finish all 24 films before it gets developed so this was really to finish the last few films.

Went to Pavilion last weekend to have lunch at Dolly's before Tania started her academic year. Stopped at Zara and found this jacket AND I REALLY WANT IT. It's so warm and fuzzy and would've totally kept me warm in my years in Bristol. Went to OU yesterday and saw this at a reduced price and I was legit contemplating about it for a good 30 minutes. When will I be traveling to a country during winter??? Do I really need this jacket??? It's a pretty good investment considering it's now so affordable. Is it unnecessary??? Ugh.

Had tea at Ben's. I don't know why I still go to Ben's when it's really just very mediocre. Meh.

Best thing about driving (and not taking an Uber) is that you get to divert to different places on your own accord and time. After watching a movie, lunching, and shopping at OU, I had an intense craving for Coke (or anything sweet really) and because McDonalds drive through was out of the way, we stopped by Taman Tun's famous soya bean van, Jenny Hong. Only the best soya bean ever.

Woke up early to catch this movie. AND I LOVE IT. IT'S SO, SO, SO FUNNY AND SO GOOD! It's a typical bro-cop movie but it was legitimately very funny. I enjoyed it intensely. Also, Kang Ha Neul and Park Seo Joon helped. ONLY MY 2 FAVOURITE KOREAN ACTORS EVER EVER EVER AND ON ONE SCREEN TOGETHER?? Bye.

- - -

That's all I got for this post! Will share more in my next one.

In the meantime, up your water intake (it's so hot out now so hydrate properly!), don't stress, and may the next week be better than the last one. 


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