Sunday, October 15, 2017

Five Minutes (#1)

I'm going to time myself and write everything within 5 minutes. 

This will be random.
  •  My skin is so dry. I have aloe vera lathered all over my face and my skin is DRINKING it like nothing else. Maybe also due to the OXY10 I've been putting. Damn pimples.
  •  Should resumé's include photos? I say no because it's unprofessional and what has my looks got to do with how well I work anyway? 
  •  I really need a new pair of jeans - one that's high waisted, cropped and flared. Maybe I just need a new belt that fits me well. I hate having to go the cobbler or tailor to fix anything post-purchase. I want something I can buy and wear NOW.
  •  I'm watching While You Were Sleeping and it's a brilliant Korean drama. It's my new 'CAN'T WAIT FOR NEXT WEEK'S' drama. Last one was Fight My Way.
  •  Listened to Jessie J's new single, "Not My Ex" and it's bringing me back to my KY days where Jessie J was ALL that I listened to.
  •  I'm seeing everyone get married and I'm feeling a pang of, "Why am I alone" feels.
  •  Skipped dinner and I always regret doing it because I'm so close to driving to McDonalds and buying me some fries. At 11:23pm.



  1. Ahahahahahahahaha - I was reading this and felt like some are so relatable then I got to the part about the nuggets and Im like I HAVE to comment on this (cause I literally just went out of the house drove all the way to Centrepoint just to buy nuggets, at 1030pm :p)

    Totally on point for 2nd and 2nd last points btw!

    1. Hehe hi Aisya! Nothing like a late night McD run, right?? Thanks for readingggg