Monday, June 9, 2008


Let's sing a song to celebrate my 200th blog post.

Maybe not.

So so so so so so so so, today is the first day of school since it's holiday break 2 weeks ago.
I kinda sorta maybe miss it. OK fine, i missed school like hell. I miss my friends whom i haven't seen in a while.
I missed homework (though, it's been quite some time since i've actually done any. i just like to whine and complain when given, and tak buat pun, hehe)
i missed my desk but it's really dusty now. totally forgot to bring tissues or anything to lap.


PMR is like 3 and a half months away. And i'm getting to feel scared and nervous. Even nauseous. I'm still no good in history. And maths. And bm.
Shit. Holy shit.
I'm scared

I'm scared of the future

I want time to go as slow as possible.
I want to be a teenager all the time though it is hell at times.
But at the same time, i can't wait to drive and go overseas and study whatever.
I can't wait to have an independent life way abroad.
I can't wait to have a whole place to myself.

Ever had that feeling where you feel like you're the only person in this world ?
And nothing else exists ?

I have

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