Saturday, June 7, 2008


sorry KAVEETHA for not updating
too lazy -_-"

yesterday, went out to OU to catch KUNGFU PANDA .
everyone who needs a laugh should go and watch
i know you're thinking, 'Seriously?' and yes, i am serious
i loooooove it, i laughed so hard i almost peed in my pants (ok, maybe not)

it's so cute, the panda i mean.

met Karen and Ila there.
After the movie was done, Mama dropped me off at Curve and met up with Ashley and Nikster
Slowly, one by one, came.
We were static 3 times, hahahahaha
FINALLY decided on Italiannies but the place was packed so we went to Laundry but ordered Italiannies
i know, weird

Was good, laughed alot, i mean, i missed them so meeting up was great.
Though THE REST didn't come :\
hahahaha, but never mind, let's all go to Genting or wherever once PMR is off our ass, ok sweeties ?


Went out with Aina at 11. To OU again.
Aina is like my bestest best best best best best best best friend ever in the whole wide universe.
She's been with me since we were 9.
I hardly see her now cause she's in asrama :/
But we try to meet up when given a chance
Anyway, once there, we just ronda. Queued up for Kung Fu Panda (yeah, again for me, hehehe) at GSC but was bloody full and the only ones available are in the first row. Can you say crazy ?
Went to TGV instead and managed to get tickets for the 3.20 show
Had alot of time to spare, like seriously
Ate lunch, walked, ate ice cream, walked, shopped, walked, read, walked, laughed, breathed, y'knw, the usual

SO came 3.20 and yeah, again, i laughed like i haven't seen the damn thing before
it really is that funny
went back immediately (ok, lying) and here i am.
i had an amazing time.
i love Aina to deathhhhhhh, she's the only one i can act totally myself.
the dorky awkward weird girl she calls her bestfriend
people like her are getting fewer in the world.
that sucks.

friends come and go.
nothing's forever.
my mum couldn't remember her friend who tegur-d her on facebook (yes, people, my mother has a facebook)
they were high school friends
my mum said, 'I'm horrible. I can't remember them at all'
it got me thinking,
what if, y'knw, i go to a university in London and don't come back for a good 10 years ? (my mum did the same thing. she went to England right after high school and stayed for 6 years)

will i come back and regret ?

will i forget some things/friends ?
yes, call me horrible

will i forget home ?

will i be the same ?

will we be the same ?

i know uni's like a pretty long way but i have friends way too valuable to lose.
i fear forgotten existence.
you guys will probably forget me
i'll probably forget you guys
i know there's myspace and all
but that doesn't gurantee anything

i won't know you the way i have
nothing's forever

damn it


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