Sunday, June 22, 2008

hey vuitton,

LV bags are getting corny. Like, try counting them in One Utama on a weekend. Or better yet, in KLCC. I swear to you, you'll find atleast 20.. OF THE SAME FREAKIN' KIND. It's getting tackier, i swear. Especially here in Malaysia. I mean, there's the same amount of fake Petaling Street ones then they are at the real Louis Vuitton boutique. Great imitation leads to well, being everyone's ideal konon designer bag.
It's an eye sore, really. I have one, but it's of the LOVE Edition. My mum has one but it doesn't have the kind yang ada LV imprinted all over. Don't get me wrong, some Louis Vuitton's are really pretty (i want one of the Vernis kind) but the ones with coloured LV's and the denim ones are wroooooong beyond words. You paid something like 3 thousand bucks for something that looks really cheap. Sorry to those Louis Vuitton owners, but this is my blog and it's a free world. OH and this also applies to Gucci bags. I mean, get a lifeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. Try buying Prada or Chanel. The price tag can't be anymore different. Besides, they're way classier and doesn't scream Petaling Street. Especially Prada, i don't see alot of knockoff's. And i think i know why. The reason, Malaysians (Mak Datin's, socialite wannabees) carry Louis Vuitton, COACH and Gucci is because they're the only bags with motifs and patterns that are easily recognised by every human walking on Planet Earth (exaggerating) and that kinds of place them way up the social ladder. It's as if, it gives them a status of a wealthy, i-can-buy-anything-in-this-world-like-this-freaking-lu-wees-vuweeton-bag. They want to be seen. Unlike Coach with all the terbalik C's, Prada only has the 'Prada Milano' embedded at the centre of the bag. The rest of the bag is laidback and speaks for its self.

Confession ? I'm obsessed with bags. If in a mall, i look at all kinds of bags. Ugly or not. It's like i give them a rating in my head.

RATING : 2/10
REASON : It looks cheap what with all the G's, and buckles, and silver. Hurts my eye. And gut.

Something like that
Hey, i'm no expert, but this is just me voicing out.
It's just a pet peeve for me, so..
don't take it personally, yeah
I'm just saying. If you were to splurge, buy a Chloe or a Miu Miu.
Or Bottega Venetta
But then again, it's your money, you're pretty much entitled to buy all the bags you want.

Lucky bitch


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