Friday, June 13, 2008

lovers lie,

I had a good day at school.
Nothing much happened but i had a laugh worth talk with my friends, Sarah, Dina, Ila, Suraya during KH.
We were supposed to do our kerja kayu but with hell to that, cause i didn't bring mine (come to the think of it, i don't even know where it is. shit.) so Sarah, Dina and I went up to class to get something. Once upstairs, we were too lazy to come down. It's not like we could do anything even if we wanted to.
Sat down, cooled off, and well, talked.
We talked alot of things.
Laughed alot, ofcourse.
Then, Ila came up.
Talked even more and laughed even more.
Suraya came, box in hand, (she's the only one amongst all of us, yang dah siap) and sat and joined in.
It was awesome, really.
I love long talks about real things.
We talked about our life now, in highschool, and our future.
The whole being an adult thing.
We even pinkie promised each other we'd all go to each other's weddings.
HAHA, so, that means i have 4 weddings to attend whether i like it or not.
I wonder how it'll be in like 20 years.
With kids in hand.
And a husband to argue only to kiss and make up 10 seconds later
And children's clothes to buy and strollers to push

It's usually like that.
Cause we're all in arts and we never have any teacher coming in to teach. (not like i'm complaining, ofcourse) so we talk about everything.
And i really do mean everything.

We have 2 more years of high school and i treasure every second. I love coming to school, it's crazy. I usually get weird looks from everyone when i blurt out that i can't wait to go to school. I just dread the waking up in the morning.

Not a morning person doesn't even begin to cover what i am.

So yeah.
Basically, we want to be best friends forever.
And never forget each other.
High school is a phase too precious to forget.
Sure, it can suck sometimes but c'mon, admit it, you do love it atleast a tiny bit, riiight?
It's when you get your first everything.
Well atleast for me.
First boyfriend, first heartbreak, first crush (i know, very the lame), first bitch slaps, first dilemma, first everything.
All in all, it ain't too bad being a 15 year old. Not that they were ever bad. Exams excluded.
Whatever it is, it beats being an adult with taxes to pay and jobs to keep up with.
We're freakin' teenagers, everything's easy. Maybe not, but better than being a 27 year old with a house to maintain and chores to manage on your own.
The horror.

i just hope after university and all, my bestfriends will remain being my bestfriends.
They're better than boys.
And always will.


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