Sunday, July 6, 2008

$ <3

I need money.
I really need money.
I really really need money
I really really really need money.

Oh, sorry for not updating.
Haven't been in the mood for the couple days back.
I've been studying, not effectively, mind you.
I'll try my very best to recap.

THURSDAY [hardest to remember, so this may take a while]
I went to school thinking Najihah would go.
She didn't -.- mak nenek. Suraya and Dina too didn't go. Found out later Suraya got admitted for appendix operation. Poor girl. Dahla trauma masuk operation theater. Blame it on 'Awake' -__-" So yeah, only Sarah and Ila came. We sat in the centre (Najihah and Suraya's place) under the fan, which can be really annoying, what with all the hair flying around. HEH. Had a fantastic time laughing my ass off with Hafeez, Hanif and Haris . Hilarious, i tell you. Dahla Haris comel <3 hahahaha. Made me laugh sampai sakit perut. Especially by the end when we had to arrange the tables for Parent Teacher meeting which was held the next day. Freakin' funny, i should thank them for making me laugh that much. We had trouble figuring out where to place the chairs for them parents to sit so Hafeez got tired and fed up, and suggested something really stupid.
Hafeez : Ala, last last letak ni* kat lantai suruh parents duduk macam picnic. Bawak la sandwich ke minum ke apa tah. 'Ye cik, sila sila, duduk'
The rest of us : HAHAHAHAHAHA

and when his brilliant brain got an idea (which we all screamed endlessly but he wouldn't listen) that to put the chairs infront, someone asked, 'Mana nak letak kerusi'

Hafeez : Ah, kerusi letak kat luar mcm nak beratur ambik nombor.

*the tablecloth on the teachers table

I laughed a lot.

Oh we also was told that for our 3rd Intervension, History will come out til Chapter 7 and we're only by THE BEGINNING of Chapter 5. And jolly, more good news. For maths ? Til chapter 12 and we're only by the 7th.
-_________________-" My mum understood though, she said that intervension aren't important cause by the end of the day, pmr counts. Not some intervention. And she knows that we got (insert adjective) teachers for both history AND math so it's all good. She says, that the school is telling us is some test just so that we get hyped to study. Which we have. But my mum says, "it's just an exercise in the form of a test. All teachers are protesting it. Heck, i haven't marked my form 5's"
-_-" one good thing about having your mum in school.
Also, you can bring your phone and if it got confiscated, you can always get it back.
HAHA, no prefect can stop me. Muahahahaha.
Ok, stupid.
So ok.
Next on.

By 6.30, left for KLCC. For that Beauty And The Beast that i have been talking about. Awesomeeeeeee, baby.

Skipped school seeing how that it's the Parent Teacher conference. And my mum is busy with her form 5. So no point. Studied instead at home. Haha, felt good to learn history. Made me atleast understand what the hell was going on in that text book of ours.
Went to KLCC again. Bought black Topshop jeans and tights from Marks And Spencer. I may sound like a brat, but i hate sales. That just means alot more people. Alot more crowded shops. Alot more junk. Alot more longer line for the fitting room. And the sales aren't that good. I hate Zara. The clothes are piled on that white table. I don't like pulling one by one. Most of em are in the weirdest size for me so i don't bother at all. The only good thing about a sale is major price drop.
Ate at Chinoz. I used to love it there for its Spicy Lamb pizza. And the last time i went, they weren't any. So ordered the delicious meatball spaghetti. And guess what -_-" They weren't any anymore. Waiter told us that the stupid chefs changed. So, menu changes. BABI.
Tried finding for a dress or whatever for the Annual PP dinner. It's a 60's theme so i want something different other then Hairspray-esque. I even googled 60's style. I'm that enthusiastic. 60's is a very evolving decade. Style wise.

Taken from

The 1960s featured a number of diverse trends. It was a decade that broke with many fashion traditions that mirrored social movements during the period. Early in the decade, culottes were in style, and the bikini finally came into fashion in 1963 after being featured in the movie Beach Party.

Mary Quant invented the mini-skirt, which became very popular in the late 1960s. The hippie movement late in the decade also exerted a strong influence on braless ladies' clothing styles, including bell-bottom jeans, tie-dye, and batik fabrics, as well as paisley prints. The Beatles and Timothy Leary popularized the Nehru jacket, named for Jawaharlal Nehru, India's first Prime Minister, which had a short-lived popularity in 1967.

Between these extremes, the chin-length contour cut was also popular. The pillbox hat was fashionable, due almost entirely to the influence of Jacqueline Kennedy, who was a style-setter throughout the decade. Also, the 60s gave birth to the skinny jean, (slim-fit pants), worn by Audrey Hepburn, which is again popular with young women today.

So, these are the alternatives

Big hair, er, that's all i can think of. And dresses. Geeky dresses. With collars.

Thick eyeliner. The cover up dress (big, like a tent. Picture Marykate) with tights. Block dresses, black and white preferrably. Teased hair with a wide stip hair band. Nude lips. And platforms.

For those who have been living under a rock, Twiggy is a fashion icon.
Or in other words, the Brit on American's Next Top Model -_-" Long eyelashes. Shift dresses. With high heels. Doorknocker earrings too. Big bold colours She successfully carried off the short short crop hair. Which is big. I mean, Giselle can't do that.

Ok, my personal favourite. The Pocahontas headband. Tent like dresses initially popular in large flower motifs or just colours. Peace and love baby.

3 words, Little Black Dress.

So those are my alternatives and outlooks for the 60s style.
I'm leaning to the Hippie and Twiggy one.
Because, those are the easiest. Since most shops have finally come to their senses to have floral motifs clothes, it'd be a cinch for a Hippie look. All i gotta look is the thin head band. I'm going to do my hair anyway, might as well.
And the Twiggy one.
Or Mod.
I wished my grandmother could have kept her clothes. She was quite the fashionista. Besides, she had the tiny frame. Smaller than me.
I totally ran off topic.

Stayed home. The whole freakin' day. Promised myself to study. Didn't, ofcourse. Caught up with Cashmere Mafia, dubbed the next Sex And The City. Clothes were fabulous. Really. Ok, stop sounding like Kimora, Nadia.
Brother was in school for the Scouts Orientation. And parents were off to a party (a disco themed, -_-' god help us all). So was just Tania, Iman and I. Watched Bones Season 3. <33333
Hahaha. Slept at 3.

OK, i'm finally done.
Off to go study history. Though it'll be kind of useless since i've given up already for history and math.

Wish me luck ?
Thanks, sunshine


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