Saturday, July 26, 2008

why so serious ?

Went out with Najihah and Aimi to catch Dark Knight


Though scary and gory at some bits, but was quite entertaining.
One time, Najihah and I were talking and there was this scene yang terkejut gila babi, Najihah and I covered our eyes with our hands whilst facing each other and our heads knocked. We were like, 'Ouuuuuuuuuch' while laughing hahahahaha
It was a 2 and a half hour movie and i needed to pee really bad after drinking Coke.
So yeah.
Najihah and Aimi went separate ways and Mama was eating at some restaurant but Syakir all were downstair at TGIF so I went there.
I wasn't supposed to be having dinner along with them but ntah, in the end, makan je la.
Syakir said only Sha and Burhan will be there, so i agreed to stay.
Ordered Coke since i wasn't supposed to be long, haha.
Soon after, Ashraf and Shazwani came.
Ordered nachos, ate.
Laughed. Burhan's one funny guy.
Hahahaha :D

Mum came in (embarrassingly) and told me to be done in 10 minutes -_-"

Had a great time though.
Was quite awkward for me since i was the only Form 3 there, haha.
But enjoyed myself.



Wished we had taken pictures, Najihah. Hahahahaha

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