Tuesday, July 8, 2008


Intervensi 3 is crap.
Ok, maybe not crap.

Sejarah was the toughest.
It's like i've read them but couldn't remember.
And geo.
I stayed up til 3 studying those bloody banjaran's and how it's like in Gurun Thar -_-"
I didn't even touch (literally, i couldn't stay up one more second after reading sejara at 2.30) it so i couldn't remember some.
Though, i WAS happy that some of the questions were familliar.
Thank God i asked Grace about that elastic thingy a week before.
That's my first encounter with a question i've done before an exam so gila jakun lah hahaha.
Ok, tomorrow's Maths and Agama.
Maths, i've given up hope on.
Agama paper, Ustazah was such a saint to give us the topics (for the umpteenth time after refusing to, she loves us so).
So, yeah.
Shall scoot.

Did i just say that ?

p/s: If wondering, no, i still don't have any outfit to wear to the dinner. Was 60's ever an easy decade ? I mean, it probably took them hours to do their hair which probably contributes a whole lot to global warming (thanks Al Gore) and those platforms. HEH. Shall force (or hypnotize if you're evil) Mama to go out on Friday.

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