Friday, August 29, 2008

Different Like Coco,

So, my parents just came back from Mekah/Madinah/Jeddah.

They bought me something i really like <3
Really really really really really like <3

I don't know why but i'm just gonna go ahead and tell you my study plan.
PMR as we know it, is on October 13th (?). And that's not much time for us.
I've been studying History alot since i'm really not confident in that field. I'm currently in Form 2, Chapter 5 i think.
Geography, for me, form 1 and 2 are alright, i just have to study form 3 chapters really well cause it requires alot of memorizing places (which i'm horrible at). So after sejarah, geo is it.
AND KH! OHMYGOD, I SUCK AT KH. Seriously though, it suckssssss. Especially all that simpan kira's, come onnnnn, we already have to suffer all that in Mathematics, do we really need to go through it again in KH ?!
Agama, oh my, Agama. They're 93 chapters to study. Is it possible? No where near.
BM, i gotta buck up. I have to sit down and read my tatabahasa and komsas starting nowwwwww.
Math is no joke. I hate it.

The fasting month is starting on Monday and well, that just means more studying, hm ?
Oh, the joy in it all.
This better be worth it.


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