Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Lawa kan ? I hate Vanessa so much because of how pretty she looks in every outfit she wears (except for her er, revealing 'debut' on the Internet). Anyway. I'm so bored. I studied Sejarah but got bored so here I am while waiting for my pizza to arrive. Nothing much happened today. I haven't gone out with friends at all. Unless you count me going to Fatimah's to study which didn't quite last long becaue we were talking too much and decided to watch 21, which is a good movie by the way. Jim Sturgess is <3 Sexy guy of mine hahahaha. I haven't been studying either. WHAT A PROGRESSIVE HOLIDAY

I miss school. I don't, however miss waking up so early. Such a bliss, waking up at 11 without any interruptions. Ahhhh.

Went to Telawi yesterday. Bought some things. Though my favourite buy is this headband from Baci hahaha. Wanted to buy some high waisted skirts, tapi takde yang lawa sgt. Heh

OH, The Hills are finally showing a new seasooooooon (!) Yeayaaaa. It's a guilty pleasure but basically i tune in because of Whitney, hahaha, ntah kenapa suka dia haha. Yang Speidi tu bleh bla tak kisah sangat hardeharhar

Lama tak berlibrary la. Seriously i gotta buck up. I keep thinking to go out with my friends but i feel so guilty doing so. -_-" Then i assure myself by saying, "LEPAS PMR, KAU NAK KELUAR BERAPA JUTA KALI PUN BOLEH."

Bapak bosan tak tahu nak cakap apa. Ughhhhh.

BESTFRIENDS are the kind of people who have only seen you cry when you're laughing so hard.
Mana dorang ?


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