Thursday, August 14, 2008

don't claim to know much,

Most random time : 5:32 am

I woke up for sahur. It's been the 4th day in a row, that' i've been fasting this week.
Waking up is torture but i'm pretty proud of myself that so far, it's been good.
2 more days to go
( GREAT, i ate chili and i just rubbed my eye with my hand, so now it's hurting like shit, and i'm typing this with one eye close. BIJAKSANA -_- )

I'm going to make this quick cause i want to study.
Trials are done, though, i am anything BUT relieved.
This just means PMR is on it's way.
And i'm dead scared. What if i come out the hall feeling sick ?
I'm seriously going to stay 10 feet away from everybody during PMR cause i do not want to hear the answers they've done (like what Najihah usually does, making me feel stupid every single time she gets a right answer and i got a wrong)

This coming holidays will be joyfully be spent at the library.
Maybe just one time out Telawi with Tania, but that's it, really.
I can't afford to waste time anymore
I have the whole 3 years worth of learning Malaysian history to fit in my brain in just 3 weeks. (cause i gotta have some time for other subjects, haha)
I'm going to study my butt off now.

Nothing comes easy now.
Not that it has ever been


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