Saturday, September 4, 2010

And The Award for Best Leading Actress In A Drama Goes To..

Er.. first and foremost, don't consider yourself 'in love' when you

i) Don't talk to the person in real life and all you do is text. Seriously, that's the only portal of communication ? So lame on so many different levels, I can't even begin to tell you.
ii) Haven't gone out TOGETHER
iii) Too shy to communicate in school or anywhere else for that matter

WTF even ?

It's not wrong to have one but COME ON, are you seriously telling the whole entire world that you're so depressed and 'crying all night long' because you broke up with your 'boyfriend' ? Dude. That's ridiculous. And so stupid. And so freaking unnecessary.
Only people who were in a REAL girlfriend-boyfriend relationship can cry over things like that. And when I say 'girlfriend-boyfriend relationship', I mean a boy and a girl going out on a date to the movies or for dinner. Or speaking face to face for all I care.

So tired of kids (I'm going to call you a kid because that's what you actually still are) being 'in love' for 5 minutes and breaking up and crying like you broke off an engagement. Like dude, you didn't actually think it was going to work out sampai anak cucu kan ?
Then why are you so upset ? It's all drama lah please. Cut the crap and start focusing on something else. Too young to waste your time being so angry and 'depressed'. Newsflash : You're only so young. THERE ARE SO MANY FISH IN THE SEA, DO NOT WORRY OF ENDING UP ALONE BECAUSE YOU WON'T OKAY ?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! FOR THE TIME BEING, STUDY OR GO SHOPPING.


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