Wednesday, September 1, 2010

A Boring One

I have so many drafts. This will (hopefully) be just a quick one before I tackle on Chemistry once again.

So hi.

This is going to be a post about anything that pops in mind. Anything worthy to blog lah basically.

  • Paid for prom and the ticket looks ace. Can't wait !
  • Earned a reputation for skipping so many days of school now. No one bothers asking why I don't go anymore hahaha
  • I hope my appetite comes back from wherever it has gone to for raya. Or when I go back to Penang. One thing I am SO looking forward to is Mak Tok's home cooked dishes. Thinking about it makes me really hungry.
  • Everyone is growing up. Makes me wonder where did all the time go. *SAD FACE
  • Haven't been going raya shopping like EVERYBODY IS. Seriously, last weekend, everyone who was on my Twitter went out to shop. Zzz. Hoping to go to Pavilion with Mama next week.
  • I am so obsessed with make up videos. Hahahaha. Seriously ! I want to get my hands on the Jubilee lipstick by Mac. And glitters by Make Up Forever. And brushes. My mum thinks I have too many. I don't, really.
  • Hoping to do really well for trials :(
  • I can't stand Taylor Swift sometimes. She's freaking everywhere !!
Ok til I have more excitement in my life, ciao bella x

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