Friday, September 17, 2010

Le Clothes

Just cleaned my closet.

I'm so tired. Haha. How pathetic. Realized how many kajillion clothes we have. Half of it I won't wear now BECAUSE

I've grown. Although I still am the same size (or almost) as I was 5 years back, I won't wear a top I bought when I was standard 5. I mean, really.

(HAHA I wanted to do several reasons to explain why I don't wear some clothes anymore but the above reason was the only one I could think of hahahahaha oops)

I want to give them all away. I mean, so many little girls out there pakai baju koyak rabak and I'm here telling you I have too many. Makes me feel bad. SO YES ! I'll give them to my mum and all of it will be someone else's !

Also, yesterday I went out to Shahrain's open house. And then it was off to OU with the boys for dinner with the rest at Carls Jr. As usual, I didn't finish my burger as it was HUMONGOUS. But yeah. Made a mistake by wearing my suede high heels (and I mean really high) and it hurt like crazy. So I was forced to buy a pair of flats. Which I actually am quite fond of now. SO COMFORTABLE. Cotton On ones, btw.

Gonna save ALL my duit raya. Hoping and wishing to go somewhere by the end of the year and I want to be able to have some money for myself to spend.

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