Wednesday, September 22, 2010

(First) All-Nighter

It's 430 in the morning and I have 'Dilemma' on iTunes accompanying me as I finish my Chemistry notes I borrowed from Jia Wen. I am relaxing my fingers because I've been writing these damned notes since ntah bila. It hurts to write now !!

Just finished watching Gossip Girl though. The Chuck/Blair train station scene actually made me cry !! So sedih please muka Chuck. SO SEDIH !


Ok hi. It's 6:11 now. FINALLY completed my kimia notes. All 51 pages of them. BACK AND FRONT ! Bloody tiring. My fingers don't function properly now. Wrote 'pink turns to alkali' instead of 'pink turns to colourless'. Haywire.
Trials start this Friday with Tasawwur first up. I'm already at that stage where going out (even just out for dinner) makes me feel guilty for not being at home and studying something. Omg sumpah I can't wait til this is all over !

Going off to slumberland in 3, 2, 1 ...


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