Sunday, November 18, 2012


Guys, I think I'm in love...


I've never had a favourite boy band growing up; so while everyone was shrieking over N*Sync or Backstreet Boys or Westlife and the like, I never did. Didn't get the hype, to be honest.

So why the sudden interest in this band right? In my defense, I've always liked them right from their X-Factor days but never quite went hysterical about 'em.

'til of course I listened to Little Things. 'I love it' would be an understatement of the year because it's such a good song, so calm and mellow, unlike their other songs. So after the umpteenth time listening and singing along to this Ed Sheeran written song, I went and Youtube some of the videos.

And never looked back.

I LOVE THEMMMMMMMMMMMMMM !!! Doesn't help when you have Diy as a friend because she's such a big fan girl and has been my go-to person when it comes to One Direction.

This might be just a phase but my God, for the time being, this phase is pretty overwhelming and all I do now is 1D hahahaahaha teruk jugak lah but I can't explain why it's so sudden. Been listening to their songs on my iPod and watching their videos (interviews, music videos, behind the scenes etc.) all the time now, it's getting worrying !!

I even bought the Vogue UK for them ! Lololol my sisters back home reckon I'm mad.

I love them so much now because they're so funny, evident from all the interviews and concert moments I've watched. They have such a presence about them. And they defy the stereotypical idea of a boyband. They don't dance and their choreography on stage is basically them assembling in the center and run around stage, jumping with the beat of the music. Which is weird because they have Wade Robson as their choreographer. And they all can sing !!! Some boybands out there we know there's always that star performer (ahem Justin Timberlake in N*Sync) who has the most solos in songs. The boys are ALL star performers; all outstanding in their own way. You know how in a band, there's bound to be someone who shines the most (like Beyoncé in Destiny's Child and like above, Justin in N*Sync) ? One Direction, all of them are just as important so it's impossible to say who's the fan favourite. Though, if I had to choose... k no, I can't.

Ok I sound like an ambassador for 1D. Hahaha just love them too much to not share !

I promise better posts than this in the future hahahaha

 Love you Harry, Zayn, Niall, Louis, Liam !!! LOVE ALL OF YOUU xxxxxx

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