Friday, November 23, 2012


My week in college

Monday was batch photoshoot day !! The school had a professional photographer for the day and had the whole student body come down and take a photo. Can't wait to frame it up !!

Being one of the shortest girls in my batch (there were about 25ish of us) we had to sit on little kindergarten chairs !!!!! :( Downside of being kid sized.

In other unrelated news, there's this cat outside the cafe that comes in all the time and 'lepak' with us. Not me though, if there's a cat in the cafe, I'll retreat to my duduk bersila position and wish and pray it doesn't come and jump on me. I think the cat favours Olan. 

And after tweeting a desperate plead for anyone to burn a mixed CD for me, my baby girl Marissa did it for me and left it out in my common room for me to find the next day. Sweetheart ! It's now in the car for EVERYONE to enjoy (especially me sebab ada One Direction hehe)

.... and the best video clip I've seen so far. CUTIE PIESSSSSSSSS

Have yourself a great weekend ahead xx

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