Tuesday, November 6, 2012


Took our chaletmate photo today (finally!!) and because it was raining, we decided to have our 'photoshoot' indoors in our humble abode. Almost a year and a half now with these girls !! Plus Sheema of course, missing her immenselyyyyyyy

We 3 are so different from each other, one wonders how we've put up with each other for the past year and a half. Grateful though that we managed to get a chalet together ! We have Diyana, clearly the most studious and most disciplined amongst us three and is the sole reason the chalet is as it is. And then there's Kaveetha, the chalet CLOWN and everyone's favourite person to be with. Sheema (who has left to pursue other interests outside of KY) will always always be a part of L30 and albeit being the ninja of the chalet (every chalet has one at least), is the most helpful girl everrrrr and we all love her xx

Just to fill you in on who I've been living with since I got here. Dahlah masuk Garnet ! BLESSED !!

So one photo for the yearbook ! 

..... and another one that basically summarizes our relationship in this chalet - of Diyana and I trying to control Kaveetha and her crazies.

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