Sunday, December 30, 2012


Uncle Kusy's marrieddddd ! The last of Tok Wan and Tok Teh's (my grandmother's parents) cucu. And next is their cicit-cicit. I don't know who'll get married next but I've already plan my wedding waaaaay ahead. Love weddings and can't wait to get married lol lek lek A-Levels pun tak habis lagi lek.

Liked my green baju raya so much, I had one made in red. 

With my favourite people!

Tania and Misha were the flower girls so that explains their baju. So pretty!!

Congratulations Uncle Kusy and Kak Hany (yeah I call them by 'Uncle' and 'Kak') (because Kak Hany is 4 years my senior; so weird to be calling her Aunty!) (Uncle Kusy takpe) !!! May your marriage be blessed and to Kak Hany, welcome to the family!!!

Now back to planning out my wedding...

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