Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Spend And Sensibility

I'm in such a great mood today because the weather was so nice and sunny. There was no rain, no wind; just good ol' warm sunshine. I love how it's not already dark by 4:30 pm now. I've grown to be more grateful for the sun since I got here. I'll probably complain about how hot it'll be when I come home but for now, I really miss warmth and selipar jepun.

I have some plans for the Spring and Summer time; including my sister !!!!! If all things go well, Tania will be coming here to visit me! I haven't seen family in SO long so I'm really really really looking forward to my sissy's company.

Sometimes I feel like Tania is the elder sister because she's so annoyingly sensible all the time. Sometimes I'd have to hide my shopping because she'd go on an endless rant about how I'm wasting money and I really didn't need another black blouse. And she can back most of her arguments because she's so thrifty and I'm so not! Thing is, we share clothes anyway so I always see my shopping as a form of good investment. And if you split the cost of something in half, it's not really that bad. And so concludes my argument for the motion why This House Believes Buying Another Black Blouse Can Be Seen As A Smart Investment in The Long Run.

So I was out in the city the other day and routinely went into Topshop and found this really sick snake-patterned top in which I snapped a photo of me trying it on and sent it to Tania. Kind of like me asking permission from my sister rather than from my mum which is bizarre.

........... But it was really nice...............

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