Wednesday, November 25, 2015

10 - 11

I have a huge love and hate relationship with Tuesdays.

I have a 10 - 6 schedule in university and 6:30, I have to rush to the city for my Korean class and that goes on for 2 hours and after that, Nana and I grab our weekly dinner date ; either at our favourite Korean place or... well, that's the only place we ever go to because it's just so sedap. So I always come back by 11. 13 hours out. If you know me, you know that's a huge feat. I love being home so going out for long periods of time is like a shock to the body almost like my legs are probably wondering "Why... are... we... functioning...".

But I hate Tuesday because of this busy schedule. I decided early on that I wanted to cram everything in one day if I could because then I could have rest of the week free (and also, not have to buy bus tickets everyday). And I feel like I'm a lot more productive when I have one busy day - like I'm forced to attend for everything since I'm already there in university anyway. Hahahah what a way of thinking but hey, whatever.

But I also freaking love Tuesdays because after the whole day being out, I come home to allllllllllllll of my Korean dramas and Korean shows alllllllll in HD and subtitles and allllllllll ready for me to watch. I mean. The best reward ever, really. I have green tea with me and I lay in bed and watch everything.

On top of all this, I actually also completed my coursework due this Thursday last Sunday!!! What?!?!?? Man, I should do this doing-work-early thing more often.

I'll blog properly tomorrow...

... I think.


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