Monday, November 9, 2015

Stay warm

Right now, it's 4:33 am.

My grandfather woke me up just now. He called me while I was sleeping but as much as I try to muster my 'fully awake' voice, I always always get caught.

"Sleeping, are you?"
"Um... yeah but it's okay, I'm up now"

And he told me somethings and before we ended the call, he told me

"Eat well, don't go hungry ok? And be warm, always."

Before the phone call, he had texted me but I hadn't read it before his call. It read simply 'Take care ok, love you'. My very, very simple day was made just because of that.

When I texted my mum that, she said,

"You're a very lucky girl, you know? He thinks of you all as his pride and joy"

The love I have for my grandfather knows absolutely no bounds. I always pray for his good health and good life and for his deeds to blessed and sins to be forgiven. As much as a heart can love, my heart loves my grandfather.

Isn't it amazing how some people make you want to be a better person? My grandfather is like that to me. I always want to be the best version of myself to everyone. Because of him. He radiates warmth and generosity and I want to be like that, y'know? I want people to see me as that girl who radiates warmth and generosity.

I thought I would blog about that so that in the future, when I read this, I'll be reminded of how much love I receive and how blessed of a person I am to be surrounded by the company of the most warmest and most kindest souls.

It's 4:59 am now.

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