Thursday, November 26, 2015

Mary Poppins

One would assume I would have gone to a musical or a play at least once, right? Wrong. I've not been to one though I really, really have always wanted to go, just been a case of wrong timing, not enough funds, no company.

But guess what came to Bristol???

MARY POPPINS, the one and only.

So as soon as I knew that there was going to be a Mary Poppins musical here in Bristol, I was so so determined to go and thank God I had Nana who shared the same enthusiasm as me.

I am SUCH SUCH SUCH a happy girl tonight - it was my first musical here and what better way to start it all off with Mary Poppins!!! I loved the movie and it brings really fond memories of my childhood so it was amazing to watch the whole show. They did change some aspects of the original storyline and they went on a complete new tangent but it was brilliant, nevertheless. The extraordinary bit dedicated to 'Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious' was absolutely ridiculously amazing. I was so happy and it was so much fun to watch! It was so colourful and it was so joyous and everyone was clapping and singing along, it was such an experience!! The chim-chiminey-chim-chim-churroo also had everyone clapping along and the tap dancing was so so well done. Don't even get me started with the set and props - blew me away!

I even teared up at one point because i) It was a touching scene ii) Mary Poppins remains to be one of my most favourite childhood movie and memory. UGH so fun!!! Obviously I couldn't take photos but man, what a fun night. Now, I'm itching to go for more! People have been telling me to watch Wicked so I really hope to go this December or whenever I'm in London next!



  1. Mary Poppins is such a classic! Hopefully they tour London soon. Did they sing Let's Go Fly a Kite?

  2. They did! Quite touching also that part! Yeah, hope they do, they should!