Wednesday, February 24, 2016

"Keep Warm"

My eyes are strained and I'm squinting as I type but still wanted to share this!

I was walking back from my Korean class to get some KFC for dinner with Nan's when we came across scarves and beanies and gloves being tied to poles, trees, bins, and even on rails! And came with it, a piece of note;

I thought this was especially lovely because it's still cold out and there are lots of homeless people around, sleeping on cardboard and living with a sleeping bag. I was so touched by the gesture. It's just really lovely to think that someone came up with this initiative and actually did it. Actually went to print that note and attach it to (what I would assume to be) donated items. *sigh* Things like these make Bristol extra extra special to me. The other day, I saw 2 girls going around with hot meals and giving it out to all the homeless people in the city. Not just merely going around and giving them food, but they actually stayed to talk with them. Just to think there are people like that still warms the heart. Heck! A beggar came up to me the other day at the bus stop,

"Hello there, Miss, I'm so sorry to be asking you this, but do you by any chance have extra change with you?"

I unfortunately didn't. 

"Sorry, sir, I don't have any on me now!"

to which he replied, with a great big smile on his face

"Oh that's alright then! You have a great night ahead of you, Miss, very sorry to have disturbed you!"

and I just wanted to cry. He wasn't grumpy or anything like that. I mean, he doesn't have MONEY and he still had the energy and decency to smile and say 'sorry' and 'thanks'. He apologised twice for asking me when it was really me who should have been sorry for not having enough money. Actually now I think about it, 95% I might have actually teared up on the bus!! 

I have grown so fond of this small city and its people and that although I have said several times on how much I look forward to go back, I just have such a big, big space in my heart for Bristol. It's my home now! Bristol keeps on giving me reasons to love it more and more and seeing wooly gloves and scarves being hung around for those who need it was really nice and special to see, I just had to share here. 

Also, this post is for future me just as a reminder to BE NICE and do good things whenever you can. 

You never lose out from being a great person. So be great.


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