Sunday, February 28, 2016

To leave

I AM SO HUNGRY! I'm currently waiting on my delivery to come. I haven't gone to the butchers in ages to get my stock of meat. I miss eating rice and you know what else I miss? Ice-cream.

I miss eating ice-cream on a hot day. My favourite ice-cream is Tropicana - the lime one with vanilla filling. That and a good ol' Cornetto.

*sigh* I miss Malaysia every day and I think a lot of it has to do with food. I miss eating really good food and just miss not worrying about what to have for breakfast/lunch/dinner.

Anyway, random rant.

I saw a quoted tweet today "Get your degree. Leave Malaysia"

This is such a stupid mentality. I cringe and get so peeved at people who are just itching to leave Malaysia to work elsewhere. I think it's actually quite offensive, to be honest.

Don't go around criticising your own country when you're the one about to pack up and leave. That's so hypocritical. 

If you want your country to be a better place, don't just leave it be and criticise it from a distance. It's not only stupid, it's worthless. What use is it if you're not doing anything good anyway? I get so angry when I hear people say bad things about Malaysia as if they've worked SO hard to change things around. Come on lah, retweeting on Twitter and reposting on Facebook is hardly any effort so don't say you've **stood** up for your country. Hardly any effort mate, you could've retweeted a joke and reposted a video just as easy. 

So stop talking trash and start doing things. Malaysians, we talk a big deal about EVERYTHING but we hardly do anything to realise it which really is so unproductive of us as a society. 

If you want to settle abroad, fine whatever that's really up to you. But for these youngsters to say "Get a degree and leave Malaysia", it sounds defeatist and like you don't want anything to do with the country you grew up with which is no bueno, mi amigo.

You want the country to change for the better than let's put in the effort to do something about it. Don't leave and wait for the country to get better FOR you. Strive to be part of the reason that it will. Don't look for home only when it's easy. We identify Malaysia as home yet we still can't stick around for its bad days. 

How do you expect a country to change if we waste our efforts into nitpicking and belittling it when we could've utilised it to do something better. 



  1. Couldn't have said it better myself. You took the words right of my mouth Nadia. I totally feel the same way as you do. These people talk smack about Malaysia, the country they were born and bred in as if its such a shitty country to live in. They don't want to admit it but there is a part of them that will always love this country no matter where they are in the world. I think we are pretty darn lucky to live in Malaysia. Its a great country, putting aside the politics and such. There's no place i'd rather be. Lovely post yet again :) xx

  2. Thanks for reading!! I'm sure they have their reasons to leave but I don't always approve of it (but then again they don't need my approval) because it's detrimental to us as a society if everyone just gives up and leave!! And yeah, same, no place I'd rather be!