Saturday, March 19, 2016

Easter not Spring

This is what my laptop looks like now...


I was so serabut seeing so many tabs open (this is already 10 tabs down and 3 power point slides closed) that I decided to zone out and blog.

It's the holidays!!! UWE is very stingy when it comes to holidays so we only have 2 weeks off. Zzzzz, since Year 1 I've always been so envious of other universities and their long breaks. Some can even afford to balik Malaysia because it's just that long of a holiday. But of course, UWE is also known to finish early thanks to that so complain tu kejap je and then when I see everyone sitting for their papers and I'm already 2 weeks in my summer break, I'm just back to being a happy camper.

Can't wait to finish with this one essay before starting another because I'm going to London!

To watch Adele live!!!!! 

Prior to coming to the UK, I told myself that whilst in the UK at the very least I HAVE to go watch Adele and/or Ed Sheeran sing live and come this Tuesday, I'll be able to say that I did! 

I'm not so crazy with indie groups and underground bands and whatnot so I'm not much of a concert goer compared to my friends. Wished I was though because gigs and concerts here look so intimate and so, so fun! But alas, I'm not a fan of too many bands/groups/singers. I'm still content with all the concerts that I've been thus far though so not complaining! 

Also, what is a trip to London without having great, fulfilling meals! Kangkung belacan has been on my mind since Fatin tweeted about it. Bristol doesn't have a real authentic Malaysian restaurant which is a pity but also mostly a blessing in disguise because if there was one I would've already blown a large proportion of my allowance there. Eep, can't wait to devour in good food!
Anyone want to eat roti canai with me ?? And Malaysian Hall ?? 

As I've probably said on an earlier occasion, I'm staying put this holiday. Might be the first time since I started studying here. This time last year I was getting ready to travel to Budapest, Prague and Vienna with Pana. I miss traveling but at the same time, I'm kinda relieved that I'm not going out of the country. It's tiring, man. Traveling is tiring. Lots of fun but also equal parts exhausting. You're constantly out and doing this and that and then there's the language barrier which in itself is already quite tiring to deal with. I'm doing an essay on behavioural economics and I came across this article saying how people only remember the start, the peak and the end of occasions. 

"Which is why people choose to keep going back to Disneyland, we remember the excitement of entering the place, we remember getting on roller coaster rides and we remember leaving the place. But we forget that in between the waiting in queues for ages and the massive crowd."

This is true though right? It explains why we choose to travel again and again.

We love the sightseeing, we love the new culture, we love the new experiences. But we forget the long journey to the airport, the tiresome chore of lugging around our luggages (***paling*** annoying), we forget the susah payah to find the place of accommodation and having to sit and properly figure how to get to places and we also forget that people converse in a different language altogether. 

Tiring, yes but an experience nonetheless. Bad or good, it's still an experience you can later recall and laugh about. 

Like how the 12 (TWELVE) of us did not realise we were on the wrong train from Monaco heading back to Nice (no one realised 'til the ticket conductor told us). 

Like how Pana and I made 2 new friends which led us to meet Anuar Zain (!!!) in Budapest and legit had a 3 hour sit-down conversation over tea with him. Still cannot believe that actually happened. 

Like how I completely forgot to bring my passport when we were in Vienna and was thus denied the journey back to Prague. (Thank GOD for our new friend and my aunt who lived there)

Like how Marissa and I had the BEST waffles in Amsterdam and how we walked out of a cafe completely forgetting to pay and how lucky we were that out of all days at the Anne Frank museum, there was not a SINGLE person lining up. We actually thought it was closed because it was that empty. Incredible timing!

 Like how in Berlin, Marissa and I walked around an area with lots of vintage fashion shops and we saw a shop that had the penyapu as a decorative piece; guys, it was seriously the penyapu at home you buy at the kedai runcit nearby kinda penyapu. And how we ate like 19 pieces of dutch pancakes at the Christmas German market. 

Like how Tania and I were incredibly inappropriately dressed for Paris weather (I still can't forget how the old lady in a windbreaker said to us, "You thought it was summer, didn't you?"). And how we met SHINee out of just pure, pure luck and coincidence and how I met a comedian walking next to me in Hongdae. 

Ok, now I'm starting to miss it! I need to finish with university first before thinking of where else to go but I already can't wait!! I'm also looking forward to travel around Asia when I go home. Europeans and Americans travel wide and far and pay so much to go to places like Indonesia and Thailand when it's actually just so near to us and so cheap to travel to. Feel like we take it for granted with how close we are with these other places. 
Asia boleh! 

Ok enough blabbing - need to get back to my essay. 

I want to say it's spring but weather is just not having it here in England so it's still pretty much winter to me therefore instead of 'spring' break, have a great great and fun Easter break! 


(I heard this song as background music in a Grey's Anatomy episode and instantly loved it!)

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